Run 1353

Saturday 11 February 2017

Gispert Run

Zeera Fine Indian Dining, Dunstable

Hares: Fat Controller and Kisses Anytime


It was a hardy crew that circled up

Someone had a birthday... well as haring duties

The snow-clad Dunstable Downs were at times challenging

But it's all forgiven by a good curry after

'Gispert' – Keep it brief!

Text received at 22:44:33. 11 02 2017. From: Ringer.'Really enjoyed the run today FC; don't forget your BRIEF Words. OnOn.'

So, I've decided to keep it brief: bullet points based on the letters of 'brief' only!

  • Birthday – mine (I'm 66 but look 16?). Double Entry wants to be – 'back before dark.'
  • Remembering the ultimate sacrifice of our 'founding father,' Gispert. Also, this trail could be called my 'Route 66'!
  • Intimacy: (Social–H5. Carnal–international) and joviality are the rich foundations of hashing. We had an intimate pack. The first to arrive were: Ringer, Rapid Withdrawal, Double Entry and Underlay. Followed by an unexpected Pecker: and then Bangers with Millie. Ringer had got a phone call from Capt. F. He made an excuse that he was watching the rugby, and would be along for the food! (Dear reader, I am writing this trash on Friday – I've still not had time to watch all the matches on replay! So, please ask Capt. F why he could not make a 'sporting' ultimate sacrifice and miss the rugby like I did?) About 10 minutes before 'Circle Up' Subbie phoned DE. She was somewhere in the hinterland between Biggleswade and Tring. Thanks to Ringer's phoned directions, she arrived just as On – On! was called. Like a true co-hare: Kisses waited for her.
  • Enjoyment and entertainment: Let's talk about my 'Route 66'. First, it skirted the Downs to the first Holding Check. It was on this section of the trail that Oscar, with Subbie in tow, managed to catch up with us. As did Kisses. Seeing a set of marks leading up the steep escarpment, Pecker decided to check it out – only to be disappointed, whilst Rapid checked out the shaggy infested trail off towards the Tring road: he called On On. More shiggy followed heading towards Doolittle Mill (rumour has it that a prequel exercise for the WW2 'Doolittle' bombing raid took off from the adjacent gliding field), and then on to pass the Old Farm Inn pub at Church End. The trail then headed (who said 'head'?) up to the enclosed prime building land behind The Avenue (rumour has it that a social housing association has plans to build low cost housing, flats and a pub/community centre here, as it is designated as a 'brown field site'.

Unfortunately, there were no misdemeanours reported.

  • Food: The 'Chief' and his staff at The Zeera did us proud! All who ran, and now including the errant Capt. F, and welcome visit from Mrs. Bangers, tucked in to the fare provided.

ON – ON! Fat Controller (to infirmity, and beyond!)