Run 1351

Sunday 29 January 2017

The Sugar Loaf, Meppershall

Hares: CatchIT and Clap Trap


These Hares were very much In Charge

Birthday Hat for a radiant Subby

Splashy and Skippy enjoy playtime

What manner of evil faced creature is this?

Well deserved return down-down for Happy Snaps

The Sugar Loaf is still open for business

Millie Speed personalises Madge's coat

Rudi is on the trail

PP: just made it back for a beer

Count ignores technology in the circle

The Sugar loaf is still open for business, so Catch It and Clap Trap seized the chance to set another run from here. We found the highest and lowest points this time. Up to 89m and down to 46m according to Depth Charge's device. Despite the gloomy forecast, it remained mostly dry - the RA had done a grand job keeping the rain away.

Ankle biters were spared the dense woodland path and joined the pack at Mary Wells close. The trail went past a Motte and Bailey mound. (Motte and Bailey castles appeared in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066, but note that Meppershall has been around since Roman times!)

A short cut for a few ankle biters and parents went along the path whilst the rest of the pack headed down to the Mill bridge where Clap Trap lay in wait for the FRBs. Underlay and Depth Charge were first to the Health-Check [see where youre coming from but shurely its held scribe] at Cow bridge(es). This brick-built bridge seems about to fall down despite extensive repairs. It was designed by a 'very knowledgeable professional', the hare was told. However, the farmer does not dare let his cattle use it to cross the stream!! Hashers safely crossed over the new footbridge. Despite fire-signs, no dragons were seen.

The trail then ran up the hill and along the ridge in Gravenhurst, passing the old Farm Garage repair shop. Some things just stay the same round here! Then, it was downhill for a while and one could admire the views across to Shillington church on the right and Meppershall church up ahead.

Across the bridge again and heading up the incline towards the On Inn. The Campton airfield to the left, but no planes on a Sunday. A second runway in the grass has been a topic of conversation in the local pubs! Runners ran and got their pulses going, the walkers made it gradually. Catch It was keeping Lost Cause company. The name alone made me keep an eye on him! Several ankle biters did their very best and completed the full run. Well done.

Back at the Sugarloaf the dog owners, even the Birthday girl Submissive, were forced to stay outside with their dogs! (Though the very next day dogs were allowed into the pub again!!). After all that exercise, the hash did manage to consume a lot of cake and Ringer had one of his five-a-day in shape of a beetroot-saturated chocolate brownie (or was it chocolate-saturated and beetroot brownie?) There's no record of the outcome of his taste experience. [survived, but now getting counselling for PTSD: Ringer]

On On to Run 1352 at The Local, Markyate

Catch It and Clap Trap