Run 1350

Sunday 22 January 2017

The Wilbury Stonehouse, Letchworth

Hares: Pecker and Knotch


Pecker and Knotch set a long one

A work of art from Oscar ...

... a work of art featuring Shagpile ...

... life imitates art

Rest after job well done by the Skidmark crew

Capt F celebrates National Hug Day

100 Run Hat for Zebedee

H5 grace the Wilbury car park ...

... but look more at home on the Wilbury Hills

Forking tries a Fat Controller impersonation

Count breaches the terms of his court order

Nicey prefers dad's down-down drink

Communal down-down for the Newbees

Deca Mug for Bell End Too

Super venue for great walks, so no different for Sundays H5 Hash. It was a gloriously sunny day laying our run Saturday and 50% of this trail is Virgin land, first run for our plates ameat [feet].

The trail bearing more & many Virgins [trains] for many years have H5 declared 'If thou beest so bold to bring virgins or lambs, be advised to guide them round until they are old enough not to get lost and instruct them in all things holy verily you are responsible for the childrens' first runs in all things – including debts'.

Calling this run utilities & infrastructure with some contemporary street art a touch of rolling hills to add a scenic backdrop to Letchworth / Hitchin. It was destined to be slow and memorable walk without our intrepid leader Pongo who probably would've said all the above. However, also adding there wasn't any Wombles on this common grumble, grumble.

Those who found this venue after many name changes, well done! Formerly Beefeater, Wilbury – 2013 The World's End [Simon Pegg] – 2014 Gardener’s Arms – 2016 Wilbury Stonehouse. Panthera pardus [Leopard] life span 12-17 years the same with Wilbury and their name changing. However, they don’t change their spots as often.

H5 new they were in for a good 'un when they realized that Pecker had a second Hare to lay the run: Knotch. We used two bags flour & 2 hours later job done. However, Knotch seemed a little concerned, stating, 'probably the longest run I've experienced with H5!'

1. The idea is to lay a trail that should take about 1 hour to run by the pack. As a guide, this usually means that an area of no more than 4 squares on an Ordnance Survey pathfinder 1:25000 series map should be used

2. The unwritten rule (before I wrote it) is that if you can see the pub after you set-off, you can go straight ON-INN.(which no one chose to do?). We are never more than half mile from the Inn, so hashing protocol never compromised.

It was never destined to be a short run – the limiting factors would of been shortage flour, we had 3 bags - or Ice / snowing. The end of the run would be determined by whichever came first, it was cold but no hope of the second.

It was destined to be a very scenic run – lots of trains [Anoraks] – flowing water river Hiz – rolling hills purchased by Quaker’s pre 1909, for once no precipitation so the only raincoats [Anoraks] were the trainspotters amongst us. Where was Fat Controller? I counted 4 Virgin HST trains with 4 light haulers using the new rail curve.

The run. Great turnout for a Pecker & Knotch’s trail, thank you. National Hug Day Saturday 20th, so lots cuddles from the outset. However, Cpt Fantastic took hambidge too this, not getting his daily quota.

The pack took off, mistakenly believing Underlay's local area knowledge this added to the trail which hadn't even been laid. We found the held crossings & navigated these successfully then on into the new Virgin areas where Zebedee, Depth Charge, Underlay, Captain Fantastic and Knobber made good ground claiming 4 hook backs.

Some photos taken featuring the street art & Count commenting most caricatures seemed to resemble Shagpile. We then touched Hitchin. Firstly, moving through the backs following the river Hiz which meandered gracefully through a meadow like a serpent. Secondly, we drifted peacefully through Ickleford’s newly planted orchard only interrupted by trains which regularly rumbled over the recently engineered rail curve.

Blow Felt asked if we should pay for two runs: others were concerned that torches would be needed. Come on, I've never let you down getting value for your money, on my runs! So you Buy One, Get One For Free [BOGOFF].

Back at the INN after our leisurely walk, we had plentiful down downs, Newies 4, Hares 2, Misdemeanors 6, also updates on our up & coming future events.

Pecker and Knotch