Saturday 11 June 2016


Capt F's Punting Event


Capt F always at his best with pole in hand

The Count enjoys a good Chelsea Bun

Capt Haddock spots danger ahead

The tension and inter-boat rivalry was there for all to see

H5 Campsite at Grantchester

Donut relaxes after a few beers

Dave and Karmen Suits Ja upstaged by cattle

Donut relaxes after a good punt

Capt Haddock fails to avoid danger ahead

Shagpile and Rainbow make up riverside throng

Pecker and Knotch take to the water

It happens

Capt Fantaaastic once again organised a super day punting from the Scudamore Yard in Cambridge to Grantchester and back. Thoroughly enjoyed by all, he even managed to beat the weather forecasters