Run Walk 1346

Monday 26 December 2016

Great Barford

Hares: The Count and Lady P


They posed for DE before leaving base camp

...and so the Hobbits' journey began

The Dog Whisperer (before she sank)

At the Danish Camp they met strange and fanciful creatures

"I didn't eat them ALL" claims Ringer

"Cheesey chips mate, that's what she gave me on Xmas Day"

Blow Felt et al attentive as Lady P explains the correct method of eating Xmas cake with Wensleydale

There was sumptuous fare for the lunch stop at The Crown

Now let's see, that's 67 chips divided by 6 people

Oscar: "Roast Ox is really good for me, yes it is, really"

"Are you not eating Pussies?"...

"Just watch me"

Subby enthrals her audience with a detailed description of gravy-making in Middle Earth

The Hares ... but not in Beds

A fine opportunity grabbed by a dozen hashers, in the esteemed company of Ringer's Good Lady Maureen, to wind down from Christmas in the breath of fresh air known as Storm Conor, a little chillier than cousin Barbara but bringing clear blue skies to Bedfordshire.

No flour meant no false trails and no need for exemption certificates so with a passing nod to an opening circle and a glass of Lady P's mulled wine, it was a straightforward amble to The Crown at Willington by the long route well supplemented in places by an adequate supply of shiggy.

At The Crown, Joy provided more than enough chips and sandwiches for post-Christmas tummies but they were well appreciated even by Bangers, who was en route to Xmas Dinner Mark II. To while away the hour Subby enlisted help to identify festive songs from cryptic pictures: my how we chuckled.

After calling in at Danish Camp to consult a local font of wisdom we followed the river back to Roadkill Towers where Lady P was again keen to ensure that no digestive system went unchallenged. A hastilly assembled baking panel sat in judgement and Pussies, Bird Woman and Blowers declared her fruit cake and Wensleydale cheese combination an outrageous success.

The Count said Pongo would have pronounced the walk was an unqualified success: so who could argue with that?

ON ON to Ampthill and a real hash?

The Count and Lady P