Run 1345

Sunday 18 December 2016

Garden City Brewery, Letchworth

Hare: Knobber


Your pre-Christmas Hare

The birthday hat for Baker Skippy

Hunting for Ladies to mug

Bangers' 300 Run Award ...

... honoured in spirit at least

Another first-time pub for H5

The H5 Womble Squad were out

Blow Felt in Good 'Elf

Private Parts, getting back in the swing

Bell End Too took Rapid's Rod

As Bangers pointed out, when Ebenezer Howard built Letchworth Garden City, it was as a Quaker town and consequently had no pubs. There are now several drinking establishments and even it's own Brewery, which is where we met to run the Tour de Letchworth.

A dull and overcast day was lit up by the return from injury of Nik Nak, late as usual and this time due to logistical problems getting dressed with a well dodgy shoulder. As the pack headed down Station Road and along Norton Way, it was already becoming stretched and Skidmark found the way to the held check at the entrance by the open air swimming pool to the prime Wombling country of Norton Common.

The FRBs immediately stretched the pack again until five of them were sent to the back, after which Lady P took over and led the pack to the top corner of the common. The Hare then coerced the pack down a false trail into the woods and then again along a false trail into the middle of the common which Depth Charge helpfully ran, allowing G String to rejoin the pack.

Haydn' 'n' Abettin' then tripped up an innocent member of the public, out for a quiet stroll with her husband, by accidentally kicking a twig to land in her mid-stride. Luckily he and the Hare caught her before she fell flat on her face, which you would have thought would have pleased her but not.

By this time the FRBs were running false trails backwards at one end of the pack and the Wombles were picking up rubbish at the other, it left Subby to check out the trail back over the railway bridge and into the town centre. The Hare gained respite by Capt F confusing an arrow over a zebra crossing with a Bar and after a re-group at the station the FRBs charged off again leaving the rest of the pack to follow the Hare's arrows past the old Post Office, the Town Hall, Plinston Hall, Broadway Gardens and along the exclusive Broadway, past Womble HQ aka St Fanny's, up to view check at the UK's first roundabout.

From there, along some traditional West Side Garden City avenues and past the art deco Broadway Cinema, through the town centre and to the On Inn.

Back at the Brewery there were some cracking beers and live music, and Hash Matress Nik Nak administered the Circle. Down Downs went to the Hare, who gave Rapid's Rod to Bell End Too. Skippy celebrated her birthday and Bangers his 300 runs with his award of running shoes specially hash-adapted by Lady P. There were no flies on Capt F and Haydn' 'n' Abettin' took another down down for tripping up the lady in the woods.

On On