Run 1344

Sunday 11 December 2016

The Old Transporter, Henlow

Live Hares: Capt F and Rapid


The Hares admitted their shortcomings

Forking wears Dior Hashit with pride

The On Out Check just for ShagPile

Hash Flash takes a chance to Super Zoom

Felicia turns coy on her Birthday

Down-down confusion reigns but ....

.... G-String rides to the rescue

The OTAH awaits, expectantly?

The Shuffles claim an Anniversary

The pack in hot pursuit: but of what?

Pepper Pig check on the lovely A600

Nicey tries on the Hashit

Top Layer awards himself down-down

Farkle launches her Campaign

The trouble with a Hash the morning after the night before is that it is the morning after the night before.

So may I suggest that you make yourself a cup of tea (colour of a digestive biscuit), sit down, relax and check out the Festive TV Schedule:

They Did not Return – starring Shagpile and G-String. A very old film with very old actors. Plot spoiler – they didn't return as they couldn't be arsed to start.

The Last Boy ScoutBlow Felt, ably supported by Double Entry set out with a map and flour to mark the way. Unbeknown to them, the Hares failed to follow the planned route. DE would never have let this happen on one of her trails. Blow Felt reconsiders his choice of Co-hare for New Year's Day.

Forest GumpCaptain Fantastic (not intelligent, but seems to always be there) plays homage to the great man. This hash was like a box of chocolates and these were handed out to those who journeyed with him on this trail.

Great Road Journeys of our Time – This week our presenters, Underlay and Bell End II discuss great journeys along the A600. Special guest appearance this week from Private Parts.

Blues Brother – The sad story of the one remaining brother, known as Knobber. Includes the often quoted line: "It's 4 miles to Stotfold, I have a glass full of beer, half a mind, it's indoors and I'm wearing sunglasses... HIT HIM!"

Time Team – The search for the lost footpath continues with Rapid and Capt F. It was there a couple of years ago, but now the team endeavour to find the trail and avoid the long loop for their next trail.

The Lady VanishesSubmissive disappears. Along with 5-Baah. Enough said.

The Queens Speech – Our ruler Pongo reflects on the new paths taken and the loss of traditional skills, such as map reading in this Hashus Horribilus.

Being There – You had to be. Just to see Forking award himself a down down.

Next week sees the premier of Knobber Does Letchworth, but in the meantime you can see a repeat of Hash 1344 via the Red Button below.

Rapid Withdrawal
Co Hare and Award winning author of Wurdz