Run 1343

Sunday 4 December 2016

The Red Lion, Milton Bryan

Hares: Atomic Titten and Bangers


Our young hares, rarin' to go

Lady P ignores picturesque pond to pose

Catch It relishes FRB role

Ringer and Count Roadkill both brought to book by ...

... especially zealous RA

Classic name, classic appearance

Clap Trap checks temperature as Princess Theakston protects paws

Millispeed made to beg for cake

Capt F guilty of lacking bottom

Submissive had to give way to lights

Twas a bright, sunny and FROSTY morning at the birthplace of the well known Elizabethan acting trio, Bryan, Earnest, and Keynes Milton1, with our merry bunch meeting at the Red Lion to test out the surrounding countryside. With hopes that the frost would enable good running/walking conditions, and after some fumbling about we set off past the pretty pond2 towards Town Farm before branching right to various field footpaths.

Our Hares, geriatric Bangers and sprightly Atomic Titten kept the pack in hand with the help of many number checks, with Captain F, Ringer and Rapid being sent back many times (even Lady P was excused one with the gallant Count stepping in for her).

Ground conditions were very clinging !! and at the first Held check many efforts were made to clean footwear. Bell End II and Princess Theakston were well to the fore, with Milly getting plenty of attention, and it was noted that FRBs included Catch It, Clap Trap and Double Entry at various points.

Heading North to meet the Toddington road the short cut back to the pub was ignored (well done Pussies and Blow Felt and Golden Globes). Some deer were spotted near the woods and various false trails kept us together as we headed homeward via Fourteen Acre and Cuckoopit Spinney, past the horse paddocks and onto the ON INN (which had disappeared under the frosty grass).

Back in the Pub we discovered that Submissive, Oscar, and Peachers Tit had arrived late and attempted to follow the trail but were thawted by the lack of an arrow at a junction, and had nothing to show but muddy boots !!.

On circling up, Thongo gave the route a good approval, noting the lack of any roads to negotiate, lovely cake was eaten, and various down downs were awarded, with one given to the RA for allegedly not performing to the standard of our missing Forking!!

For those who did not turn up you missed a cracking day weather-wise3

For the benefit of our scribe is that enough names included in this narrative4? Ha Ha.

See you all at Posh Nosh on Saturday.


1We must believe Bangers whose excellent memory4 would recall them.
2Our friend Wiki says "In 1861, a chapel was built over the pond, supported by stilts and partially on land. This was a timber Chapel with a slated roof which, at a squash, could seat up to 50 people. The interior was very simple and austere. During its life, the Chapel was maintained meticulously by the villagers who ensured that the pews were kept polished and the wooden floor scrubbed. Very often, the sound of ducks under the Chapel could be heard during the sermons and hymns." We understand lack of local support lead to closure and demolition some 35 years ago.
3Modesty alone prevents Bangers from more accurately using the even more annoying term "all-wise"
4Not geriatric at all - full marks, all 20 remembered and identified correctly, plus a bonus point for gratuitously adding Forking, and tonight's star prize for reading last week's Wurdz
This week I have been mostly learning superscript, or as I call it: