Run 1340

Sunday 13 November 2016

The Cricketers, Weston

Hares: Underlay and Thongo


Hares bombed by RA

Respectfully remembering the fallen

Lovely country on the way up ...

Subby mentions Head n Shoulders

RA has 'em queuing up for down-downs

Peachers wears the Hashit in style

The ever expanding Cricketers

Respectfully observed held check

... and beautiful on the way down

Birthday Hat for Double Entry

Bangers claims to be one of the fallen

Count conceptualisies conception

So, Pongo had it all planned and then the bad weather set in. In true military style the trail was set and a map provided to the front hare who had not been privvy to this secret operation. On the morning of the hash, a quick reccy was made of parts of the trail to make sure that it hadn't been washed away by the rain the previous day but the hare's strategic dobbing meant that most of the flour remained.

The circle was called and two minutes silence observed for the fallen. The birthday hat was given to Double Entry (who was trying to avoid owning up to having a birthday) and then the pack headed on out. At the first falsie there came the first faller – Farkle, tripping on the pavement had to be returned to G-String who hadn't yet made it out of the pub car park. The FRBs in the form of Depth Charge, Rapid, Count Roadkill and Subby met upon a number of back checks (to the number 4); the Count played his exemption meaning that Peachers Tit became the fourth. It was then that the next faller came to bare – Felicia sliding over in some mud.

The trail continued out towards Halls Green where Submissive, on sensing another number check, tried a bit of "subby"terfuge on Peachers by insisting on a hug (surely that's sex on the hash?) to ensure he reached the check before she did. Fortunately for Peachers, the back check had already reached its quota. Confusion reigned as the pack check-hovered trying to decide which way to go next, Rapid insisting the trail led the way he had gone even though the hare had laid an arrow in a different direction. The rest of the pack followed the hare's direction.

Bangers, not to be out done by the hash puppies, became the third faller of the day. The trail then led back through the cow field with Blow Felt and the Count the only ones willing to negotiate the electric fence to follow the flour whilst the rest followed in parallel on the other side. Sensing the on-inn, the FRBs then carried on at full pace back to the pub.

In the circle, down downs were awarded to the hares, DE for her BIRTHDAY, faller Bangers, Peachers for his "flour" dandruff, and the FRBs Knobber and Capt F and laggards DE and Hash Bike for encouraging the FRBs to run further to the back of the pack.

On on to a joint run with H4 at Ayot St Lawrence

Pongo and Underlay