Run 1335

Sunday 9 October 2016

Three Moorhens, Hitchin

Hares: Underlay and Gorjoyce


Harriette Hares. How PC are we?

Plenty of green in the Hitchin area

A steep falsie through the piggery

Just visiting: Second Cuming and I Feel Tower

Samantha before excellent down-down debut

Proud dad Bell End back in full hash mode

Horse play re-enactment

HM apologises for lack of moorhen jokes

This week's caption competition

Lady P suffers a rare number check

Milly judges The Big Question

Skippy nearly smiles in 100 Run hat

Capt F enjoying the RA role

Golden needs encouragement to grab Capt's tackle

Having discovered that the Windmill in Charlton is no more, the Three Moorhens became the chosen venue. Now for a co-hare. This is where Gorjoyce kindly volunteered to help particularly with her insider knowledge of Hitchin.

The hares decided to risk the weather and laid the trail on the Friday afternoon. Fortunately there were only a few light showers before the Sunday so much of the trail survived.

In the circle, Bell End introduced Samantha and Golden Globes threatened to be an FRB before the hashers headed out into the surrounding countryside. Capt F found the first of many false trails before heading across the fields.

The pack made the most of their check hovering skills whilst Forkin, Depth Charge and Shagpile checked out the trail. Count Roadkill eventually led the way. The trail then headed out towards Preston where Subby found the false trail. Heading down the trail, the pack met with the shortcutters at Gorjoyce's "health" check where Golden Globes offered to check Capt F's cough by feeling the weight of his gonads.

Further confusion ensued before heading back towards Hitchin where latecoming visitors Second Cuming and I Feel Tower found the pack, having already discovered the tail end of the trail. The pack, eager to return to the pub met with a number of falsies before heading towards the piggery in Charlton. Count Roadkill refused to follow Depth Charges calls of on on and headed back towards Hitchin. Here Lady P was caught by a number check, her second one of the trail, the Count having played his exemption card (no chivalry there then!) It was then back across the road where the pack headed On Inn to the pub.

Down downs were awarded to: the visitors from Illinois, newbie Samantha, the nearly forgotten hares, Skippy having reached 100 runs, Lady P for FRBing, Forkin, Rapid, Skippy and Splashy for horse racing, Golden Globes for her concerns of Capt F's health and Country Roadkill for hash name amnesia.

On on to H5's 25th anniversary celebrations,
Underlay & Gorjoyce

The Big Question this week:

Should Hash Socks be worn "Writing Forward" (Bangers style) or "Side Dressed" (Blow Felt style). As our photo shows, Milly voted for Bangers; but that's not really surprising is it?

For a video clip of the horseplay try the H5 facebook page.