Run 1334

Sunday 2 October 2016

White Horse, Husborne Crawley

Hares: Blow Felt and Knobber


Hares try to dazzle Hash Flash

Count's roadkill encounter

Rudi finds path taken

Knobber supervises number-check

Subby enjoys Spitfire sex recall ...

Lady P finds hasherdabbery box loss funny

Blow Felt not sure of non-beer down-down

First time at The White Horse

Blow Felt woz there, but not guilty he said

"It's for you"

Leroy and Jack try busking

... Peachers missed out on Spitfire sex

Chris wets that haircut

Nik Nak: tried to make The Count even older

A Hash down Memory Lane

The Hash circled up for the first time at the White Horse in Husborne Crawley – the pub where Atomic Titten used to stop for dinner when commuting in the 1980s. After checking out some false trails, the pack found its way along Mill Road, and past the footpath on the right, and continued towards Woburn led by new FRB Chris With The Mohican. Following an about-turn due to heading in the wrong direction, it proceeded down the footpath now on the left, and CRK found the way into the fields and to a check. From here, the hares duped Five Bah, CRK, Peachers Tit and Subby towards the wood to find a "T".

The real trail headed towards and along Horsepool Lane and Double Entry was first to the held check at the commemorative plaque to the crew of a WW2 British Bomber, and particularly the two who had perished as it crashed nearby. Blow Felt recalled that as a youngster living in Brogborough at the time, he and some mates cycled over to see the site following the crash. Nik Nak suggested that CRK might also have been there whilst Rapid checked out the phone box, looking to make a trunk call to the Elephants in Woburn Park, just over the road.

Then across the field the hares chasing down Chris With The Mohican as he headed towards into the wood and out the other side, to hold the check further along Horsepool Lane. The trail again headed into the fields and into Apsley Guise where FRBs were coerced up a false trail before finding the trail past the allotments and to the school.

From there, a climb up Wensden Hill and turn along a footpath through a property whose owner used to make the halftime tea when Blofelt lived in the town and played for the soccer team as a spirited midfielder. Some said "dirty" but as one who was never stood on the back row in team photos, he had to let the opposition know that he was there. He also recalled that there was never enough sugar in the tea, and the nice lady whose property we were passing through confirmed that it would have been the case. Well, there was a war on.

Whilst the FRBs disappeared along a false trail towards Crawley Hall, the pack found its way down the hill to a wood where there was a yellow ribbon round a very old oak tree. At the other side was School Lane and the On Inn, and back to the pub for an excellent half of Wherry.

As the first run in the year of the Funky Gibbon, there was no mismanagement as such and so Rapid assumed the role of HM and called the circle. Down downs went to the Hares, and then trials for RA took place with Ringer, Atomic, Bangers and Forking. Chris With The Mohican was called in for FRBing along with Subby who confessed to undercarriage being lowered while going to heaven and back in a Spitfire.

Thanks to Blofelt for planning the route and his entertaining stories as we put the flour down in the pouring rain around his old stomping ground. It was great to explore virgin hash terrain and the run was completely brilliant.



The day before the run, a group of H5vers gathered at Bangers's Bowling Club in Dunstable and defied the late morning showers to enjoy a few games of bowls, target bowls and croquet. After a super lunch of chilli and rice in the clubhouse, we re-emerged into the sunlight of a very fine afternoon to continue play.

The target bowls – a target mat laid on the ground with score rings similar to an archery target, onto which 10 bowls are played – was challenging for most of us. Highest score of the day was posted by Golden Globes with 22 [hint: she does play indoor carpet bowls].

Many thanks to Bangers for organising such an enjoyable experience.

H5 group at Bangers's Bowling Club