Run 1330

Sunday 4 September 2016

The George, Maulden

Hares: Blow Felt & Underlay


Nicey reckons it's a good run

In crossing a stile, style is all important

FC thinks Late Stone Age or very early Bronze Age?

The pack appreciates the Beds countryside from a V-check

Rapid was very particular that we check out the 17C mausoleum, but was it this one?

Cake: Going, going... almost gone, BUT...
Was it a bit crunchy?

Shuffle reaches 250 runs

Does using an iPad count as technology on the Hash? RA delivers guilty verdict on Atomic

First Rule of Hash Club. Don't talk about w**k

Pikeyism. Scavenging scrap metal on the run

Catch-it dropped the cake on the car park shingle – and kept SCHTUM

Blowfelt vs Brambles (2-1 after penalties)

Given the growing number of walkers versus runners on the hash, a trail that would give scope for all was concocted for the first Sunday run. The usual warnings were handed out in the circle as well as admiration for the wounds Blowfelt suffered in the name of setting a trail; he was attacking the brambles with some cutters as he didn't want the harriets to get pricked [Ooh er missus: Dep Ed] when the bushes decided to fight back.

The on out was called with 5Baar finding the dust with Rapid soon taking over as FRB. The hares had seen that the forecast the night before was for rain so tried to lay the dust such that it might survive this deluge; some did but most disappeared meaning the pack looked to the hares for more than the usual reassurance that they were on the right trail (you can always trust the hares right?).

After some false trails, Frau found herself as FRB before leading out across rickety stiles and fields of stubble. Shagpile's back check exemption certificate was in overdrive as he found himself towards the front of the pack whilst Ringer declared he would obey the numbers even though he could be exempt.

At the view check Spotted Dick admired some historic relic found on the path (or was that Fat Controller) before the pack set off on the last leg of the trail. At the last check, the runners were given the option of a loop along Malden Woods. Rapid and Subby took up this challenge whilst the remaining pack headed back to the pub via the mausoleum previously highlighted in the circle.

Back at the pub, down downs were awarded to the hares, 250 award to Shuffle, Ringer for suggesting Blowfelt be front hare and obeying the back checks, Catch It for crunchy cakes, Golden Globes for talking w**k and Spotted Dick for his find.

On on to orienteering at The Miller and Carter, Wheathampstead.

Blowfelt and Underlay