Run 1329

Monday 29 August 2016

Chez Rapid, Toddington

Hare: Rapid Withdrawal


Your Host and Hare

Fat Controller holds court before ...

Millispeed needed to cool off even before ...

Rapid's garage includes a Forking Cage ...

... keep a good man down

Who will play Chilli Roulette with the RA and a pair of glasses

Once in a lifetime: a sunny Bank Hol

... going on the run with Millispeed

The sheep were friendly, bang on queue

... Underlay's Carolina Reaper

... but you can't ...

Deca Award for Haydn Ann Abbettin

40 Run Pink 'Uns pose

WORDS are something of a puzzle this week...GAME ON!

a crossword puzzle

 5Gaff for this trail
 7More Loopy people than normal on this trail?
10Money man, with an O
11What is in Underlay's hand? Isn't she hot?
13Beeching has seen him off once and for all?
15Rapid's beer of choice from up the road
16Food of choice for post run
17Circle comic lit up by sunlight (rare on both counts)
19Not an ornament today, took the mantle to run the loop
20What happens when you come 10 times
 1Missing in action. Last seen heading for Luton
 2Apeeling Caller of the circle for this trail?
 3A friendly group who drunk rum at an early age
 4BHS Sale time? Not if the stock is left behind
 6An escape of hot air by Capt F?
 8Girl on film?
 9Hung over provider of curry and ice cream. Much appreciated
12Our new chairman?
14Late comer attracting ducks with a song?
18101 thoughts on the trail?

Click/tap the puzzle if you need the answers