Run 1327

Monday 15 August 2016

The Red Lion, Woolmer Green

Hares: Spotted Dick and Custard


Birthday run too dry for Scoobie

Are you?

Rapid breaks away from the peloton

It was suddenly very dark in Mardley Woods

Last rays of the setting sun

HM prays for sinner Underlay

RA Shagpile leapt on those -isms... DE, guilty of naughtyism...

...and why did Blow Felt call Shagpile 'Shorty'?

Drop and gimme 22

It was a gorgeous evening as the Hash ran from the newly refurbished Red Lion in Woolmer Green. The car park was a little tight with Spotted Dick & Custard (The Hares) parking over a Keep Clear sign and Shagpile/Underlay manoeuvring around the disabled entrance before taking to a side street to the south. All was well though and a good turnout were soon in the circle. Birthday for Scooby Doo but with such fine weather we are sure he was bemoaning the lack of shiggy. The hares briefed that it was a long one (snigger) but no one believed them. They advised there was fun to be had on the rollercoaster and swings! But watch out for the narrow lanes.

The on was called and immediately Underlay was off at speed to the north. Did she have insider information as to the route or had she seen the falsie bar when they parked up? A sharp left and under the railway line brought them to the first big check but the FRB were not fooled and they were straight off toward Mardley Heath Wood and the first fishhook. Back came Underlay, Ringer & Rapid amongst others bringing the hash back together. At least six paths led off the check at the edge of the wood and it was Double Entry quick off the mark and on the right one leading deep into the woods to the west with the Knitting Circle reasonably close behind and yakking as usual it was on to a check and a sharp left hander up the rise onto a narrow path leading to the west end of the heath. And a health check. The FRBs had put the world to rights before they wondered where the KC had got to. Spotted backtracked to find them milling around off dust as Catch It et al had missed the marked up check. With the KC rounded up it was off to the west and the start of the rollercoaster with a brief stop at the rope swing entertainment for the watching teenagers as Rapid quickly followed by Scooby proceeded to try it our Spotted Dick was taking bets on who would be the first to land on his arse and that duly proved to be Scooby. He even let the Ankle Biters have a go at the end. Time pressing we were off under the A1 to a longish fishhook where Scooby hid behind a tree instead of doing his trot back. He was only spied as the KC closed in. A quick health check at Ninnings Lane brought the hash together. At the end of the lane Nik Nak couldn't find the footpath but a little prompting from the Hare led them back to Pottersheath Lane and a choice of through the Stables for the FRBs or along the lane for the KC. Uneventful back to the A1 bridge and the final fishhook the pack was just about together as the dust led around the south side of Mardley Woods and back onto the Old Great North Road. A short cut for KC led by Spotted brought the hash back to the pub for the usual run dissection.

Down downs for Underlay – Insider route trading, Scooby for misdemeanours various and one for Blow Felt using Heightism in vain. Double Entry picked up one for starting off the -isms of the day with naughtyism and the Hares wimped out on Halves. Talking of down down; Underlay, Shagpile and Rapid got down and gave the 22 – Rapid remarking that it got harder to do each day!!!! It did today with Scooby humping him from behind. Spotted did them as well when called out – no sweat.