Run 1323

Monday 18 July 2016

The New Inn, Biggleswade

Hares: Depth Charge and Blowfelt


The Birthday Boys (with gloves but no hats)

Was this a held check then, or check hovering?

'This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England': John of Gaunt in Shakespeare’s Richard II

The rolling hills of England's green and pleasant land

'On and on they flew, over the countryside parceled out in patches of green and brown': JK Rowling - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Ah, must be beer o'clock

No comment

Dive, Dive, Dive!!!

G-String first into the pub by omitting the run

Cheers chaps

Plaque at Ivel Mill

Well it was a hot one! Thankfully Blow-Felt kept me in order and we didn't end up running all the way to the RSPB hill. The RA over-ordered the good weather and so we had a glorious evening for Hashing.

Away from the New Inn (a new Inn for the hash too) and after numerous falsies in the centre of town, Double Entry led the way to check out the newly opened bridge. This too proved false and Underlay led the correct way to the next check. FRB duties were then taken on by Capt F and Pecker as the pack headed to more rural areas.

Rapid and Edwina were next to face the wrath of numbers as the likes of Shagpile played his get out of jail free card. Bangers didn't have a card, but was generous in delegating to Forking.

Crossed the railway safely, negotiated the cricket field and then followed the river to the On-Inn.

Down downs for myself and Blow-felt for haring, Bangers and Pecker the birthday boys, Forking for having his head up a chickens backside, DE and Gor-Joyce for misdemeanors spotted by the RA and G-String for arriving so late that he only just beat the hash to the pub.

On On to Maypole Farm in Kempston, where Forking and Edwina have a run and a half planned for us – or was that half a run?


Editorial Note: Owing to the fact that neither Scribe could be arsed to turn up to the run, all the pics this week are courtesy of the EverReady Clap Trap.