Run 1320

Monday 27 June 2016

The Red Lion, Great Offley

Hares: Nik-Nak and Pongo


"Where's my co-hare?" wonders Pongo

She arrives at Mach 2.0, fashionably late

White Rabbit's influence was soon evident

It was Forking's LI birthday

That IS Gorjoyce FRBing, honest

Splashy practises walking on water, Tia ploughs through; Knotch hangs back just in case

Punkah wallah needed next to the infested ponds

Not Rape thank goodness; we got broad beans instead

RA sets out his stall and checks the D-D beers for quality

DC called out and GM has stolen lost tankard returned

It was a magnificent sunny evening and a good number of eager hashers were champing at the bit ready to get going when at the last minute the missing hare came speeding down the road to take her place. In addition to the weather arranged by the RA the hares had promised magnificent views of the lush green English countryside and not a road to cross.

Underlay nearly started the run in the reverse direction by ignoring a bar and running onto the ON-INN but were soon back on track enjoying the views, running false trails that didn't exist, and Spotted Dick running those that did.

Look left, look right, wherever one looked there great views to be seen, even deer were spotted at one point.

With fish hooks and checks the pack held, dodging the shiggy together, running through fields high with broad beans and then down through a steep wooded glade.

Skippy, Splashy and Knotch were convinced they were near the end and went running up hill through the long grass.

Ringer came panting back one hill and partially complaining about the positioning of the fish hook [are you sure that was me Pongo?: Dep Ed] but the pack held together.

All this time Forking Dickchair was tuned in to Euro 2016 football expecting an easy victory in the England v. Iceland match (Unfortunately the result was rather like the EU Referendum) and the run became a game of two halves.

The pay back of running down through a great expanse of green countryside is the way back is a long uphill drag and this run was no exception. The pack split up to make matters more interesting, NikNak managed to wrong foot the front pack and get them to follow the Chiltern Way urged on by previous local lass GorJoyce calling out that she "knew the way" and indeed it did lead by a longer route back to The Red Lion.

Underlay and Depth Charge reported that the 2nd group had both run well over 6 miles which meant missing most of England's failure on the tv at the crowded pub [Hip Hip...].

Down Downs were awarded to the hares for an outstanding experience of trail laying and others for misdemeanors that the RAs chose to award as is their want.

Pongo & NikNak