Run 1319

Monday 20 June 2016

The Queens Head, Tebworth

Hares: Bangers and Forking


What the well dressed hares are wearing

Birthday for Millispeed, but no hat

The countryside was full of colour

... so Scooby was up to his usual tricks ...

Lady P was spotted being naughty ...

Scooby's van, arriving late at The Queens

DC has that "Am I the only FRB?" look

... but the trail was damp in places ...

... and received his usual down-down

... and we saw the back of DE too often


On a miserable midsummer Monday night as the daylight hours seemed like Rapid's drinking sessions, never ending, there was also an England football match on the telly.

This may well have kept any undecided or dithering hashers IN. Where, you may ask, was the well known brexiteer Boris? Perhaps stuck up a zip-wire.

Some voted with their feet to come OUT, and they didn't regret it one bit. 'I can see clearly now' sang Double Entry from the front, a place she hogged only to allow Depth Charge or Edwina 123 through for a number check.

About half way round Scuba Doo lurked hippopotamous like, in the swampy conditions that closely resembled Count Roadkill's latest garden pond efforts (as seen on farcebook).

Everyone eventually had to go IN this sheep-dip but at times it was difficult to ascertain what emerged. To quote Brian Hanrahan, "I counted them all IN and I counted them all OUT."

Some were exempt though, such as the short-cutting knitting circle of Nik Nak and Lady Pee, accompanied by Henry Blow-Felt with Brian Johnstone quoting "He didn't quite get his leg over."

Ringer ran OUT after 6.5 km, lasted 45 minutes, drank beer at the end. Back at the pub it was designated driver Bangers who was secretly recording the footy match. He was quietly looking forward to an uninterrupted evening once back home and the treat of watching the match. This however was rudely spoiled by his likely lad of a son gleefully spouting his latest text message 'England are nil-nil but the sheepshaggers have scored twice'. Such is life, from the mouths of babes.

At circle-up there was a Hashy Birthday to Millispeed. This was followed by a rousing rendition to persuade any non-committed fence-sitters that it was Hokey-Cokey to place your right leg IN, your right leg OUT, IN OUT, IN OUT, you shake it all about...

What Pongo would have thought of this scenic summer solstice sojourn may well be "Better be there next week at the Red Lion, Offley", as he is the hare.

Before next week's run, I urge you to please take your time to consider the consequences of your decision to what is the biggest question IN a quarter century of hashing by H5, is spooning better than Forking?

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