Run 1317

Monday 6 June 2016

The Compasses, Greenfield

Hares: Underlay and Ringer


A Brit and a Swede, hashed in Laos, now living in Malaysia: 2-D and 'Flip-Flop'

2-D followed the first long falsie, but it's back to the check

Gorjoyce, deputy horse whisperer

DE, lone FRB, honest!

This hash is all going to cockerel

Scooby-doo, desperately tell me...water?

Has to make do with beer

As darkness descends, the Swedes make it back to the pub

Celebrating National Day in Sweden

Girls just want to have fun, we hear [3,6]

All great plans have a failing – double, if not, treble check that the chosen pub is open on a Monday (the harerazor should know better!) So, on to an alternative venue. Having recced the new pub and got it booked in the landlady's diary, all I had to do was wait for the day.

The sun was shining and the forecast looked good. Catch It brought along visitors from Malaysia, 2-D and his good lady, later nick named as 'Flip Flop' due to following the trail in a pair of flip flop like sandals.

The on on was called and immediately Depth Charge headed across the road along a long falsie. Captn F then led the charge along the road towards Flitton ignoring calls of on on down other false trails. The hares had to pry the pack away from admiring the old bangers (not Bangers) at a vintage car seller's forecourt.

The trail then led around the fields towards Pulloxhill where Edwina rescued a balloon from being eaten by horses and Forking and Blowfelt tried to argue with the hares on the applicability of various number checks to them. Their arguments failed as the hares are always right and never lie. At this point Double Entry made it to the FRB list.

A short cut was offered to Flip Flop as her flip seemed to have flopped over the terrain and was finding it slow going. The rest of the pack enjoyed the view from Pulloxhill towards Sharpenhoe Clappers and envied the large house that owned this view.

The trail then headed across the fields back towards Greenfield where the FRBs stretched their legs and headed On Inn. The knitting circle followed at a slower pace with some confusion on the real trail as the FRBs were lost from sight.

Eventually everyone made it back to the pub to sample the local beer. In the circle, down downs were awarded to the hares, visitors 2-D and 'Flip Flop', Forking for 15 years of wedded strife, then Catch It and 'Flip Flop' for National Swedish day, Gorjoyce and Nik Nak for getting passionate, Clap Trap for the large mass in his shorts, and Scoobie for something.

Underlay and Ringer
On on to The Woolpack in Shefford

Thanks to stand-in Hash Flash, Depth Charge, for this week's pics

Here's how Depth Charge did 1317