Run 1315

Monday 23 May 2016

The Royal Oak, Woburn Sands

Hare: Fat Controller


FC is a Happy Hare while chauffeuse Kisses is not quite so sure

Skippy and Splashy live up to their names in Wavendon Wood

A very deserved down-down for out-Scoobying Scooby

RA Capt F was after the ladies again ...

The pack leaves the Royal Oak at its usual leisurely pace

Without a change of clothes its the dog blanket for the muddy ankle biters

Edwina can't believe Scooby has his 50 Run Mug at last

... and Rapid of course

Cunning Stunts, or Cupid Stunts!

Setting the trail reminded me of that tragic/romantic song entitled: 'Down Came The Rain', sung by Mitch Murray during 1965. I remember it well, as it was about four years after I'd stopped performing live experiments on shell-less molluscs for my Biology Thesis entitled: The Respiratory Organs of Gastropoda[1].

Laying the trail through the Danesborough Fort
I'd never seen such a lovely wood
I smiled in the sun halfway round
Then, just a false trail – I had planned

(All together for the chorus) Down came the rain
(It's happened again)
The thunder and lightning
Down came the rain!

You can search the song on Youtube!

Anyway; I got back to the pub drenched to the skin, much to the amusement of the locals and Mike the Landlord. Then, just as you lot started to arrive, the blasted rain stopped!

So, why the title, 'Cunning Stunts, or Cupid Stunts'? Read on.

The Royal Oak pub sign is a prime example. The future (and very saucy) Charlie 2nd performed his cunning stunt of hiding in a hollow oak to avoid capture by the Roundheads[2] after the Battle of Worcester.

Events en-trail! Past the church the first falsie was not found, and the pack skirted the churchyard down onto the place where another cunning stunt is celebrated – that Gold Medal winning long jump record of 27ft 4¾ inches! Needless to say the FRBs, in their haste missed it. But the Knitting Circlers did gaze in awe at Greg Rutherford's 2012 protuberant effort.

What excellent hashing territory the oft-forgotten Wavenden Woods and the Danesborough Hill Fort proved to be. False trails aplenty slowed the FRBs to a crawl, and the water sports facilities at the HOC gave Splashy, Skippy and mutt Rudi the opportunity to perform for us their carefully planned 'Cupid Stunts' synchronised puddle splashing display. Their fourth 'Cupid Stunts' team member and 'deep pond' diving expert Scoobie Dooer (who we were all waiting for him to join in); for some reason – declined!

Fortunately, my blue marks had survived the down pour, and the pack easily picked up the trail into the old sandpit to pass the heavily sculpted 'Bike Jumps' arena. Unfortunately due to the wet weather, we could not witness the Cupid Stunts performing cunning stunts in an attempt to maim or kill themselves.

Back at the pub, we circled up in the bar. Depth Charge, standing in for the errant Pongo, said: "A very enjoyable, and well marked run" (much to the pack's amazement).

Notable Down – Downs:
Lady P: Withholding and neglect of a Hash Mug Award and box for three years! [3]
Scooby Dooer: '50 Runs' Hash Mug Award (three years too late)
Kisses Anytime: for her performance of 'The Amazing Disappearing Keys up the Sleeve' Trick.

A unanimous vote of Congratulations, best wishes and future happiness together to be given by Capt. F on behalf of the Pack to Willie Warmer and Walnut Whip Willie during their forthcoming Wedding!

ON – ON! Fat Controller (To infirmity and beyond!)

[1] Available on request.
[2] A little known fact: all soldiers recruited for Cromwell's 'Commonwealth Army' were circumcised.
[3] Would Count Roadkill like being presented with a tatty box?