Run 1313

Sunday 8 May 2016

The Crown, Willington

Hares: Lady Penelope and Count Roadkill


Hares for Lady P's Birthday Run

The Captain arrives by cycle

That cheeky bridge crossing

Newbee Emma

Peachers Tit not sure he's guilty

Count, Pecker in formation down-down

Subby scores a perfect 10

The Crown

Cracking day on The River Great Ouse

The Rudi Rescue is successful

Birthday drinks for Nicey, Frau and Lady P

Atomic Titten is too techy

Team RA turn on each other

Shagpile sulks off with Hashit

We don't care so much for Monday evening R*ns in the Roadkill household. We prefer the sun on Sunday lunchtime. "Better for the photos" says The Count.

So we put in a special request that Mismanagement delay the Monday switch for a week to accommodate our haring. How wise they were to agree, for it was a glorious day much enjoyed by the majority (though admittedly too hot for Frau, Nicey and Knotch so we may have to attend a diversity awareness course).

Underlay and Shagpile arrived by push-bike from Potton, Edwina 123 and Major Jon biked from Bedford and Capt F, rising to the cycling/ hashing sartorial challenge without complete success, cycled from Shefford. Son of Count, Andy walked the 300 yards from home with wife and Newbee Emma. The other Newbee was also family: Kay, daughter of Major Jon.

On out we went towards Danish Camp but took a right turn to head for Willington Lock and the bridge across the weir. Old hands shook their heads: "any trail back from over there is a long one" was heard.

But Lady P had a cunning plan using a lovely route by the River Great Ouse and between the flooded pits, and a cheeky bridge intended for gravel lorries. The pack found it, eventually.

Back on the right side of the river, we followed it for a short while before Rudi decided to have a dip. The unfortunate mutt had not planned an escape route and spent a while struggling to get out before International Rescue arrived. IR in the form of Shuffle Cock and Pecker, forming a chain to yank him out of the water.

We then WI'd our way round the trail until, at one of too many number checks, the hare suggested that it was possible run back to the pub in the 6 minutes between then and noon. It wasn't possible but it was fun seeing Depth Charge, Underlay, Andy, Capt. F, Subby, Peachers Tit and even Shagpile trying it.

At The Crown, Landlady Joy made us welcome and we celebrated the birthdays of Nicey, Frau and Lady P with down-downs. Team RA nabbed Atomic Titten for using technology on the hash, Peachers for a disputed and now forgotten crime, The Count for talking of non-work, and even Pecker, before turning on each other, quite justifiably. There was just enough time to see one of Subby's party tricks and for the RA to fail miserably to re-award The Dior Hashit to Double Entry, before heading off to relax in the sunshine.

Thoroughly enjoyable day, On On to see George IV in Baldock

Lady P and The Count