Run 1312

Monday 2 May 2016

The Carpenters Arms, Harlington


Hares: Rapid Withdrawal and Golden Globes


Rapid and his Virgin Hare

P1 The Grand National

P3 John Benet, Vicar, lived here

P5 Sir Ralph Pirot, Soldier, hung around here

Rape, Clappers... write your own caption

Circle in shock at RA revelations

Too wet for the WI Hash to circle outside

P2 John Bunyan appeared here

P4 The National again: a Steeple Chase?

P6 Bunyan's Oak supported by Forking

Always good to see an "On Inn" variation

"Athletic" GM forced into down-down mode again

Globes and I decided to make this trail a tad more historic than usual, and to initially follow The Blue Plaques of Harlington around the village, before striding out across the countryside. Count commented "Haven't we done this before"(1), but I don't think we have. Maybe we have seen one or two on earlier trails, but not the full set of six.

With the traditional May Day Holiday drizzle the pack gathered in the village hall car park before heading to the church via Station Road. With Depth Charge charging, Catch It catching up and Shagpile doing what he does best(2), the pack finally found its way to Harlington Upper School. Here Underlay was convinced the trail would follow the footpath alongside the school, and Knobber, egged on by Double Entry tried to find trail down the road, but they were all wrong and the trail cunningly followed a back check towards Bunyan's Oak, the final plaque of the hash.

From here the hash took on a more traditional feel, heading down Willow Farm Climb (Rapid 3:55, Underlay beaten into fourth overall at 4:00)(3). At the bottom the number check (laid by virgin hare Globes) sent 3 to the back for another try at the record. Continuing back across fields into Harlington, a runners loop was offered, but all declined, preferring to follow the trail along the railway line and back to the pub, or to shortcut up the main road. Fortunately we all made it to the pub, or at least the car park before the heavens opened.

May Day celebrations frequently include dance, singing, and cake and this hash was no exception, although with Capt F having lost his voice the dance was replaced by mime. Prior to awarding down downs to Double Entry, for being female (has he only just noticed ?) Ringer for claiming to be an athlete (falsely) and Knobber for his MG fetish (I empathise here), Count launched into a soliloquy about his lost and found tankard, only to leave it on the pool table. Fortunately it was recovered, washed and placed safely in a cupboard by a caring Hare.

All feeling gambrinous and gluttonous returned home to prepare for the first Monday run, which has been brought forward to next Sunday at the normal time of 11am from the Crown, Willington.

RW and GG

(1) This is the memory man who mislays his tankard almost as many times as "Forgetful" Fantastic.
(2) Complaining
(3) Good job the Hash is non competitive

Six blue plaques of the Harlington Trail

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