Run 1311

Sunday 24 April 2016

The Five Bells, Stanbridge

Hare: Hot Shot


In Stanbridge for St George's Run

St G reduced to begging at the roadside: that's your EU for you

The assembled company managed to come up with a few red crosses

The Double Entry Fan Club in awe

Fit looking Newbees. Is that a problem, Gorjoyce?

Fat Controller prepares for battle

Gates were bent, fences removed. Nothing stopped us.

At a guess: one of Capt F's down-downs?

So there we gathered once again at the 5 bells in Stanbridge for run 1311. The hare was dressed as Saint George, totally missing the fact that it was Shakespear's birthday (I could have dressed as an arab).

We were joined by a horde of danes who had heard of the extreme sport of hashing. The hare took his place in the circle and did his bit for international relations giving a safety briefing about norses lots and lots of norses, with that the hash were off to where I have no idea; I didn't lay a trail that way.

They soon found the flour and Double Entry took an early lead up the hill. Our foreign friends were not to be out done through, they went straight past one way and then straight past the other.

On to a farm track and a small moan came up about shiggy. This they were told was not shiggy. Through a gap in the hedge and down back back in the village the hash carried on, well most of the hash that is. Pongo and Golden Globes short cutted back to the pub as all us others went on to meet the norses or should that be horses.

In the fields of horses Double Entry showed her true talents. Let's just say if Double Entry was a chocolate bar I think she'd be a wispa (other chocolate bars are available).

Back at the 5 bells Fat Controller showed his hand for diplomatic relations by telling our Danish friends how bad Carlsberg is.

In the circle down downs were given to the danes, the ladies of the hash, the danes, Capt. F, and some chap called Hot Shot who only drank softies.

On on till next week

Hot Shot