Run 1310

Sunday 17 April 2016

The Old Ale House, Woburn

Hares: Forking DC and Count Roadkill


Hash Banker smiled, must be back in surplus

The youngsters thought it was Abbey Road ...

Pecker apes running: not as well as Knotch

It's easy for Bangers: like falling off a log?

GM surveys new H5 HQ ...

Ding Dong Bell, Pussies in the Well

Blow Felt the Troll ready to gobble you up

New Pub, new venue for H5

... while the more mature sought refuge

FC looking for a hair of the old dog?

Edwina checks out the phoney tree

... feels more at home with some Triple Goat

Twinkle Twinkle little Depth Charge

H5's last 50 Run Tankard goes to Catch It

Where do you stand on the market? I was stood next to the beer stall from Tunnel Beers.

The beer-loving mop of blonde hair known as Fat Controller thinks the nice wild beaver pies have a lot to answer for.

Our continental hashers Atomic and Eva were voting with their feet to stay in the market to spend euros on provisions after being delayed at the channel crossing of the A421.

Depth Charge went hacking along the first long false trail and as he caught up he met Hotshot and Underlay back-checking from the first number fish-hook at the far side of the rape field. Up on higher ground Ringer looked further afield, pointing out the distant spire of Ridgemont church.

Many had hangovers from Golden Globes' party the night before. Those seeking hair-of-the-dog firstly had to catch Milly and Bangers.

Nik Nak waits in hope for an appearance on First Dates but she confessed her crush is really for the French maitre'd.

Talking of old recycled TV shows can anyone put a face to any of the Hot Gossip dancers as we now have our own pans-person De-De having a jive around the course with her dance partner Lush.

Late arrival Double Entry parked conveniently next to the on-inn.

At one point Blow Felt was seen FRBing, but as it was a downhill section should we be concerned that this sprightly eighty year old is stretching his comfort zone?

Several Peckerettes marched over the hill to look down at the new reservoir that wasnt there the last time we visited. Knotch agreed that it needed a diving board as a finishing touch.

Yodelling was heard as Hash Bike with Pussies butchered the wandering goatherd.

Not to be outsung Fat Controller started what can be only described as Stinging an old Police record, how did he da doo doo doo, da da da da? I couldnt make out a message in his bottle.

Edwina 1,2,tree found a tree that wasn't a tree as it had a Twiglet of an aerial sticking out of the top. The big green box at the base was a giveaway clue.

A hasty vote count in Woburn's Old Ale House showed that 10 hashers went to the market. Equally 10 other hashers hadn't experienced the farmers market. With 3 others looking vacantly into their beer glasses there were no pointers as to how the hash swings.

As for down-downs, we all sang nursery rhymes:
'Ding dong bell, Pussies in the well'
'The Fat Controller sat the corner eating his wild beaver pie'
'The Grand Ole FDC .. marched them up to the top of the hill'
'Twinkle Twinkle little Depth Charge how I wonder where you are'
'Blow Felt's a troll, foll-dee-roll'
courtesy of stand-in RA Rapid Withdrawal; I think this run may have shaken off his hangover from the previous night's party.

Catch It christened her 50 run award mug as we all get ready for next week's London Marathon of a 90th birthday Shakespearian St George's day run from the 5 Bells, Stanbridge.


Forking Dick Chair assisted by The Count