Run 1308

Sunday 3 April 2016

The Fancott, Chalton, nr Toddington

Hares: Nik-Nak and Leroy


The Hash sets off on the long trail...

... then stops for group selfie (minus DE of course)

The going was a tad moist in places

Atomic and Blow Felt both declared birthdays

Leroy gives lessons in C and G7

Shagpile tries out new profession as hare‑dresser

Saturday, a beautiful day to lay a trail. A shortish run was planned to allow for weary hashers returning from canal wayfaring. Well there's shortish and shortened as our planned route across two public footpaths had disappeared under ploughed fields and we were compelled to backtrack and on-inn became the same way as on-out.

Sunday. A hasher normally late to circle up, turning up just in time for the 11.30am start, was pleased to see 7 made it from Wiltshire to join us [5 I counted: Dep Ed]. Otherwise Run 1308 would have totalled only 4 [or 6].

We had a double birthday celebration as twins Atomic and Blow Felt sharing the same day.

Without further ado we set off passing by the Fancott Express (where is Fat Controller when you need him) up to and along the River Flit, across the bridge with only Underlay and Forking running the false trails.

The bluebells were just showing their hue as we circled through Fancott Wood/Chalton Spinney and all took the false trail alongside the reservoir.

Back to the pub to sit outside the station. Only one other table occupied and was to remain so as Leroy on his ukulele and Forking duetting keep other customers away. The circle up was short as the subs didn't cover a glut of down downs. Atomic gave a glowing report of the run standing in for Pongo.

Foot Note from Leroy

Fancott Arms run, Sunday 3rd April

There we were, just Nic Nac and me, at last I as her all to myself............and the Nits! That is to say NicNac's nits............

Nits attracted to Nic Nac's bright yellow shirt!. Nick Nac's Nit's were nasty nits, Nick Nac's nits were nasty annoying nits, NicNac's Nits were nasty annoyingly nausaeating Nit's. Nic Nac's Nit's never got away with it!............................I brushed them off here! :) on on

Sing along to the tune of 'Enjoy Yourself, It's later than you think' (you had to be there)