Run 1307

Monday 28 March 2016

The Cock, Broom

Hares: Shufflecock, Atomic Titten, Skippy and Splashy


Cock, part deux

Wiggo returns for a 2nd week

The run in one picture: ominous cloud, glorious sunshine, muddy puddles and lead hare

RA Shagpile worked magic with the weather...

...but it was still windy by the side of the quarry lake

Edwina and Major Jon still on GMT

RA finds Team Pink guilty

Alex gets Deca award and named Nicey

Really? 600 runs? Ringer, get a life!

G-String clocks up 300 runs
1→50: 1yr; 250→300: 5 yrs

So Easter weekend coincided with the clocks going forward, and at least two hashers failed to notice. One hare arrived on time (BST) while the other arrived on time (GMT) to set the hash on Easter Sunday. Thankfully the RA had had a word with the MET office and got storm Katie to blow over before the run got going, resulting some nice sunshine. A fairly short run, with the ankle biter hares arguing over who should lay the arrows for the later comers. A good job was needed on the arrows as storm Katie had removed all trace of flour dobs from the day before.

G-String was rescued from having to do the full trail while the rest of the hash zipped around quickly. Back the pub, cakes were provided by Frau Krafty Rot & Bangers. Downs downs for the aforementioned out of time, and awards handed out to Nicey (10 runs), G-String (300 runs) and Ringer (600 runs).

On on to next week and 11:30 start (like that's not going to confuse anyone)