Run 1306

Sunday 20 March 2016

The Cock Inn, Gamlingay

Hares: Lush Big Knickers and Gorjoyce


50% Hairey Lush and Gorjoyce

Orange hats are all the rage ...

Atomic surprisingly surprised by Gorjoyce ...

Tia's legs too sort for the 888 shirt?

300 Run Award for Pussies

The Cock hanging out in the street

... but not if you're Mum

... our Newbee showed her how to do it

Shagpile, chuffed with Double D

Doris in sparkling form

Thanks to Wiggo [he's the apres mutt .. ed] for his initial advice and guidance for the route (when we got him out of the stream).

Apologies to Catch It that the bouncy castle wasn't inflated in the car park, over sight ....

Ooooops without even heading out Team Gorlush (new stew name?) had already upset the locals with white dog poisoning and ant powder (tbc) – making it onto the Gamlingay Parish Council radar and being stopped a few times having to explain said poisonous flour/ant remover.

2nd oops, after pre-hash chat it was concluded that we needed to sub-contract out some missing held checks to Capt F (mighty fine job, thanks).

The helpful locals also took it upon themselves to remove a few markers, so interesting start, made even more interesting when we meet NEWBIE Dee Dee who was out for a stroll and we convinced her to joins us on the whole route and step into the circle (is this a first?)..... [she's the sort of local we like .. ed]

Poor man with ant issues outside his house was miffed that any one would kindly put down ant power for him (erm really???) ... so advised that he still needed to treat them accordingly as flour would only show up their foot prints, if that helped at all ......

Had to explain to another local that it was a healthy run, then show her my packet of Whole Meal flour that I was recycling.

All back to the Pub in good time, phew we did it – stress over, followed by nice sunny afternoon in the beer garden.

Down Downs for Pussies 300 runs .... requested not to remove top = ageism/ more Ism's/ Magical Crop Circles/ trying to poison the locals / Newbie Dee Dee instantly named Double D (Shagpile was chuffed with that) / Boris became Doris in recognition of Frank Spencer Sports relief sketch (Captn F was pleased with that) ....

Jam and soda bread sale for Sports Relief ..... 3rd ooops – nice especially baked cake was left at home .....

Wiggo enjoyed his fallen trophy of peas and fish fingers – thanks to the loose lunch box lid, made his day! .... pay back later was several bottom burps which he was very proud of (doesn't seem fair to me).

Quote of the day regarding next week's run:
"If it's pissing it down with weather next week I'm not going to Broom" ... You know who you are!

On On to Broom!

Catch It and Clap Trap raised £48.55 for Sport Relief with their Baking Special after 1306. This follows on from £41.37 cake money raised at Chez Knobber after 1305. Well done you charitable people.