Run 1305

Sunday 13 March 2016

Chez Knobber, Stotfold

Hares: Capt F and Knobber


Hares Captain Fantaaastic and Birthday Boy Knobber

H5 looking heavy at the back end?

Team RA in confident form ...

Another Knotch in the Hashit

Did someone say Massive Arse?

Young Seb looking a little bored but then ...

The G-String Family make their Grand Entrance

Sat on the park bench like bookends

... to nab Lady P and Bangers

A water filled balloon experiment goes wrong

FC takes Hostess Hairy for a spin

... he wasn't asked to join the girls like Alex

The heavy mist that had shrouded the trail when Capn F and I were laying it early on /Sunday morning had lifted by the time the pack circled up at 11am to hear HM Rapid Withdrawal's research on the meaning of the word Knobber, and get the Hash underway.

On the trail, the FRBs Depth Charge and Underlay soon found the way down Olivers Lane and over to the River Ivel, before heading out to Bowmans Mill and the spot where WWW's name was coined following his attempt to leapfrog Sasquatch but made a painful misjudgement in the process.

CRK joined the FRBs for the dash down Mill Lane, using his Exemption Card for advantage whilst others returned to the back. Those that had taken the shortcut were already traversing the Riverside field and by this time Pecker and Knotch had swelled the pack to even greater numbers.

Once through the new housing built on the Motorola site, the trail took the pack down Mill Lane and past Taylors Mill and then off road again over to the refurbishment - in - progress Astwick Mill and its new waterwheel.

Finally, the trail crossed the common over to Astwick Road, round the corner at The Crown, and on to the On Inn.

The sun was out for the whole run and continued so that the pack could circle in the garden and sit out eating and drinking beer and watching experiments with balloons.

In the circle, there were down-downs for the Hares and also for our newbie and me as it was our birthdays. Fat Controller took a down down for something and also engaged Hairy Gussett in a Scottish-esque dance while singing a song about Auntie Mary's canary. There were lots of others but I don't know who and what. We were pleased to see others who had come for the social bit, including WWW and Willy Warmer who also ended up in the circle for some reason. And Rapid was also called in to celebrate earning his Masters Degree.

Thanks to Hairy Gussett for doing all of the cooking, and I hope that everyone was fed and watered OK. CRK must have been as he forgot to take the M box home (Team RA please note).

On On

Knobber and Capn F