Run 1303

Sunday 28 February 2016

The Bald Buzzard, Leighton Buzzard

Hare: Hot Shot


The Double 40 Hare ...

.... takes a well earned drink for his Birthday

DE goes techy to aid Nik Nak ....

... and they share a down-down for it

Fat Controller spots something to Control

FDC warms up on the easy side

Good atmosphere in one of our favs

Pages Park protection racket

Leroy gives the RA a backing track

Lord and Lady P caught in the wrong gear

FDC talks his way into a down-down

Illusionists, Illuded or Eluded?

So I was talking to this bloke in the Heath Inn last year about doing a run on the 28th of Feb 2016 and he said that's a long way off but wrote it down anyway nothing more was said apart from where it was to be and then I looks on the hare line and saw the run was to be in Lilly by some other chap, well says I, I must check this out so I spoke to Ringer and Ringer spoke to Underlay and Underlay spoke to the other chap who it turns out is a very nice man and everything was sorted.

It was on Friday morning that I set out with a map in my back pocket to lay the trail, my obstacle turned out to be the bomb squad (you don't see that in many run reports) it's funny the looks you can get from the boys (and girls) in blue when you're putting white powder down around the site of what could be a live bomb.

On I went with my trail putting number checks down, not too many and only the number 4, when I got about what I thought was half way I stopped to check my map which had lost itself (help).

With no map where should I lay the trail......

So we circled up and I gave a brief briefing as to the trail. Nik Nak was late and so Double Entry kept her up to date on the phone at the half way point Leroy held back and waited for her and then he got lost. On the route Forking showed the hash how to do his exercises and Fat Controller spoke to a group boys about their engines, Lady Pee demonstrated how to be front runner in her new trainers, while poor Leroy out and lost in a new part of town found his way home dropped off Jack and found his short cut mobile down downs were given to all.

ON ON to Lilley

Hot Shot

The Count likes to count and he's come up with 40 as Hot Shot's run total with H5 which is a co-incidence as it is related to the Birthday Anniversary the Hare was celebrating on the eve of the R*n.