Run 1302

Sunday 21 February 2016

The Cricketers, Caddington

Hares: Bangers and Forking Dickchair


A familiar Father and Son Act as Hare

Rainbow, a handy excuse for an ageing RA?

Always one to please the ladies, Capt F looks for the hard route

Back under the M1, the pretty way

What's the point ...

Should be renamed The Footballers?

Gorjoyce managed to get a lift!??!

A down-down for Nik Nak and of course for her new boots

Hola! Chico was slipping and sliding

... in cleaning your trainers for a hash?

The 4th innings at a 'Cricketers' in the last 6 months resulted in a minimum FIRST ELEVEN, although Captain F was sure the he had spoken to Ringer . We cast high and low and we have a virtual photograph to prove the 12TH MAN was not at Caddington and we were ONE SHORT.

The Hares promised that it would be a STICKY WICKET with plenty of SLIPS and not many RUNS, and the only FIELDERS with suitable footwear were Double Entry and No 1 Hare with wellies on. This did not seem to register with our stand-in HM Shagpile until he realised where we were!! He later DECLARED blaming the poor mutt left in his care.

Shiggy at the start, shiggy at the finish and more in the middle were promised so the INNINGS commenced with Underlay, The Count and Depth Charge BOWLING along the first falsie. Finding the footpath through the church grounds we commenced our run out towards the M1.

Diversions into the woods proved fruitless with a good few number checks keeping the BATTERS together. A very slippery FIELD crossing and steep descent led the front runners to the very long and almost PITCH black tunnel under the motorway, while the small knitting circle of Double, Gorjoyce and Nik Nak were short CUTTING.

Climbing the slippery hill towards Chaul End Farm led to much cursing and puffing with a small diversion to lead across the road to the Golf course. Better conditions provided a chance for the FRB's to stretch their FINE LEGS until the reconstruction of a new part of the course resulted in more !!!!!!!!.

The LONG ON Inn along Folly Lane got rid of a lot of the mud from the BOOTS, and a welcome fire greeted us in the PAVILION. Various 'down downs' were awarded with NiK Nak getting one for running in her very fashionable and shiny boots (which weren't very shiny at the finish!) and Captain F for miss-information, plus the Hashit.

Shame the BATTING ORDER was a bit short but this is a good GROUND for RUNS when the WICKET is a bit drier.

On On to the Bald Buzzard next week.

Bangers and Forking.