Run 1299

Sunday 7 February 2016

The March Hare, Dunton

Hare: Depth Charge

(Muntjac 1 - 0 Rudi)

Activity in rural Dunton

The sun shone...

... but the wind blew

The pace was hot(?) so a breather at a held check was welcome

White-faced hashers sheep

Pongo was brief but positive

Nimrod paid us his annual visit

Knobber had a clear view of the mobility scooter in his rear-view camera, but the Capt was completely out of sight

Acting RA Forking identifies juvenile delinquents

D-D too much for Pussies, so calls Nik-Nak in for assistance

Before the opening Circle, Florence dropped in briefly to see us. She had evidently run low on hugs and needed to top up; H5 was only too happy to oblige. She was surprised to see that the Dior Hashit (as modelled this week by Bangers) was still in use, she having been its co-producer, along with Good Crack [Dep Ed.]

We started in glorious sun, but it was a windy one, was 1299. After a wet night when a lot of the laid dust had disappeared, this was a sign of things to come as Capt F also disappeared!!

Early FRBs Pecker and Knotch found the first of many false trails, though pretty much all hashers found at least one! This led to an awful lot of check hanging, particularly one long one that Forking seemed the only hasher to run apart from the Hare.

To make up for the windy cold conditions and the short overall distance, there were a number of numbers to help keep everyone warm. Shuffle seemed particularly mathematical today, closely followed by Knobber and surprisingly G-string.

Subby spotted a hasher converted to basher as Walnut Whip Willy (I think it was he) cycled past as the rest of the hash went off on actually the correct trail for once. [Rudi spotted a young muntjac deer and gave chase across the field but despite appearances was never in with a shout of catching it – Dep Ed].

More wind, some rare breed sheep, a sewage farm, cows in sheds and a football match all led back to 4 rather nice looking beers at the March Hare.

Stand in RA Forking awarded Down Downs for:

  • Capt F for solo hashing
  • Pussies for late hash cashing and Nik Nak to assist.
  • Nimrod revisiting
  • Farkle and Knotch for juvenile delinquency
  • G-string as he couldn't award one for himself

On On to Gispert's on Thursday at Flitwick and then the Red Dress at Streatley on Sunday

Depth Charge