Run 1298

Sunday 31 January 2016

The Barley Mow, St Neots

Hares: Atomic Titten and Leroy


So we learned to dance

One of many bridges we crossed

Capt F: "How do I get down from here?"

No I'm NOT Harry Potter's Whomping Willow

New signage: Oz Izz

Atomic's walking friends...and a visitor

Weir are we going?

Pussy Scrotum was a fan of H5's cake

Bangers was pulled up for 'dew brushing'...

...and then dobbed in Forkin' for being on his knees

I predicted that the Hares' Words would be with us before you could say Rechtsschutzversicherungsgesellschaften1, and I wasn't wrong [dep Ed]:

I enjoyed laying the trail on sunny Saturday afternoon with Leroy who found St Neots without any problems, and I would like to say thank you to him for doing most of the running. It was a bit of a surprise then that 5 minutes to 12 [11 I think, or maybe that's European Time: dep Ed] or so there was still no sign of him. He finally did make a noisy entrance because he could not switch his car alarm off [10mm spanner required. Could everybody please bring one next week: dep Ed].

As St Neots is quite a bit out of the way for most of you, I was worried to get just but a handful of hashers. I even asked Eva because she had a cold, and my friend Ann to at least come to The Barley Mow after the run. Not only that, I put a little post on the St Neots FB [Facebook: dep Ed] page, and lo and behold 3 people showed up. Simon a hasher but I forgot his hash name [Pussy Scrotum: dep Ed] and Karl with his daughter whose name I forgot as well.

I could not believe how many of you showed up and in all my excitement I forgot the most important bit, i.e. to take a few notes during the hash. I guess it would not have made any difference because as usual, I was at the tail end of the knitting circle.

If Shagpile had been there, I would have tried to engage him as my ghost writer to get the hash Pulitzer prize. If laying the trail requires writing funny essays, I am afraid I have to resign from hare duty because as most of you know, German humour is no laughing matter, and I am disadvantaged in the humour department, always have been, always will be. That's a cross I have to carry but hope somebody will help me out next time.

I can't even remember what the down downs were given for and hope that you all find it in your hearts to forgive me. I do remember somebody shouting that The Captain was on the bridge, as it happens he was on the wrong one which caused him having to change his course.

I just want to add that Karl, the newbie from St Neots put a little note on the FB page saying a big thank you for the warm welcome we gave him and his daughter. He thought it was a great walk with a fantastic twist because he never knew hashing existed. He also learned a new word which he had to look up in the dictionary: shiggy. He will try to join again when it is not too far away.

Hope you all enjoyed it as well and forgive me for not being able to write funny Wurdz. [no apologies needed Atomic. Who writes funny Wurdz here anyway?: dep Ed]

OnOn to Dunton

1 which translates as: Insurance companies providing legal costs cover