Run 1296

Sunday 17 January 2016

The Cricketers, Weston

Hares: Catch It! and Clap Trap


Karmen Suits Ja wrote it, Subby and Peachers rewrite No 72

Boys will be boys

Guilty: Capt F, serial offender

The check is held and Ringer entertains

Birthday hats for PP and Rapid

Pussies accuses Leroy and Blow Felt of sex on the hash

Following on from the 1295 words 'You may have noticed that it SNOWED last night'. As a result the Hares could be found rushing around (much earlier than they wanted to) on Sunday morning, re-marking the trail in a lovely red colour on the pristine snow. Private Parts, the birthday boy, hadn't noticed the change in the weather and turned up as he does (in the summer) in shorts and T-shirt.

The Cricketers in Weston [then known as the thatched house which it aint .. ed] is where The Count may have had his first wiff of Real Ale. He lived in the Grandparent's bakery across the road from the pub, but does not remember it too well – it was so long ago. We set off and shiggied* across meadows scattered with some very large old oak trees. There were several kissing-gates along the way with no fence nor hedgerow adjoining. Some Hashers were noted going through the gates – awaiting a kiss maybe?? Frau with Splashy, Skippy, and Alex in buggy, needed "a challenge for the day" and shiggied across the fields. Although the snow covered the deeper ruts, Frau managed not to get stuck. Leroy assisted with gates and caught up, with Jack in tow, sounding the horn.

Real hares had left their distinctive footprints on route. A few hashers remembered the Clark's Wayfinders with the animal tracks on the sole. There were plenty of deer tracks too, if they had looked in the firmer ground. Were there deer tracks on the shoes? The runners and fast walkers went up to the Weston Church which has 6 bells dating back 300 years. (An amazing place where acoustic guitarists from around the world record their music and give a concert to the Weston music society as a thank you). The adjacent playground was just what the Birthday boy PP wanted – still young at heart!

The Cricketers is being refurbishing and the limited space in the bar drove the hashers out into the cold. Down downs for various offences were handed out. Sex on the HASH for Leroy and Blow Felt, no idea why the very kind offer of a dry resting place for Subby whilst changing her footwear was assumed to be ...Karma Sutra?? Lots of cake was consumed: Lady P and Catch It! had been busy. No calorie control nor alcohol abstinence for H5 hashers!!

On On to another Cricketers, in Ickleford

Catch It! and Clap Trap

*New verb: "to shiggy" meaning to progress across a muddy surface (©2016 Catch It!) OED take note