Run 1294

Sunday 3 January 2016

The Wheatsheaf, Tempsford

Hares: Underlay and Shagpile


They didn't tell Alex Movember had ended

Others eat it, Blow Felt wears his lunch

Golden Globes has what she's always wanted

Blunham Baptists stop beer stop shocker

The quiz winning table tuck in

Guess who was FC. Hint: it's not FC

Many New Year's run from Tempsford have been endured in the cold and wet, and the 2016 was going to be no different. The Deja Vu Run! During the circular preamble (how apt!) the various risks and hazards were identified to the hash. The GM whispered that there was no need to worry about the Angry Farmer any more as the farm had been sold. A Mr Tony Martin was apparently the new owner, so that was OK then.

The run was Route A, clockwise. Need I say more? We were graced with the presence of Walnut Whip Willy and Willy Warmer, and they, together with Depth Charge did a lot of fish-hook/back checks to keep the pack together. Also spotted playing with a Straight Bat was Capt F and CRK. Jolly good eggs one and all!

As a slight diversion from the usual, and knowing what a good sport Double Entry is, a Beer Stop Check had been laid by the hares on her drive. Without asking her, I should add. What hasher would not welcome the chance to dole out conviviality to fellow Hfivers? Who would not jump at the chance to have 30-odd muddy hashers descend unannounced to hoover up all your beer and left over mince pies? Double Entry apparently. But being a crafty so-and-so, she concocted a complicated and unbelievable story to explain the absence of the beer stop. Apparently religious fundamentalists, who are in the habit (get it?) of meeting near her house had knocked on the door and objected to hashers imbibing on the Sabbath. It was they, and not DE who had washed away the beer check! A likely tale! Underlay reinstated the check 'on the hoof', but DE sailed on past bellowing ON ON. A thirsty and dejected hash followed in her wake.

It was then on back to the pub in the rain. The only distraction was Shuffle Cock's dog, Rudi who having given a dead rabbit a good seeing to on the way out, went back to the carcass on the way in, to pick up where he had left off. They say dogs are like their owners ...

The annual, and possibly ultimate lunch from The Wheatsheaf was enjoyed by all. It was enhanced by a visit from Father Christmas who finds himself at a loose end in January. He did look a bit like Leroy, but not quite so old or ugly. Our thanks go to all those who were involved with organising this popular event.

The Question Quiz provided a bit of brain exercise between courses, with all answers having a farming theme. Such a shame Mr A Martin couldn't have joined us, as I'm sure question 101 would have been right up his street.

101. Overtones blew thug [6,4,7]

Shagpile & Underlay

P.S. As a twice winner of the Turnip Award, I'm keeping my best shot at a third win until later in the year. ;-)