Posh Nosh Afloat

Saturday 9 May 2015

Cosgrove Marina, Cosgrove

Mastermind: Lady Penelope


"Ladies, let me show you my vessel"

The Chief petty Officer

FDC didn't read the email

When my esteemed First Mate (well not first by a long chalk but more correctly My Only Current Mate) [not sure how to take that word current ... ed] checked out the Elizabeth of Glamis, we thought she'd been put in to be scrapped, but looks are deceiving and on the night she proved a very worthy vessel for housing our band of brigands for Posh Nosh Afloat or PNA as it's been coined. The dress code of Nautical but Nice was adopted most creatively by most of us but Top Prize has to go jointly to Felicia and Farkle who did us proud in all sorts of ways despite a few nutty mishaps – damned slippery they are too.

Screamer and Smiffo didn't quite know what they'd let themselves in for when they volunteered hands for catering, but a car load later we arrived at the Wharf to load E of G to the gunnels with all sorts of fancies and some food as well. The bar opened as soon as the sun was over the yardarm and everyone had a drink out of PNA funds. Sadly we set sail minus four worthy passengers but thanks to the ingenuity of the Captain doing a figure (shouldn't that be piece? Oh no I get it...) of eight we were able to pick up two of the Missing, who obviously need a compass as well as a watch, after the first loop. Did we notice the turning round? Not a bit of it, so engrossed in lively banter were the shipmates. Off to the second loop in the opposite direction from the wharf, cygnets were spotted; aaaghhh! Sadly we never did see the other two Missing but I gather memory loss is a factor (love you LeRoy, did Mo give you a hard time??)

Anyway, off we went into the night which was clement and ate our way along the old Grand Union which looks very different when you do it the other way. Lots of grog was quaffed, lots (but not quite enough to clear the decks) of food was eaten and lots was left over to furnish the Monday run with post-hash supper.

Memorable events: a princess and a pirate boarding the boat, G String divesting of knickers for some unexplained reason, Kisses and FC playing proud parents, some very Able Seamen get ups mainly on the harriettes and a Very Distinguished Senior Ranking Officer travelling incognito with us.

Despite the lack of tables, we all had a convivial evening and 9.30pm came round all too quickly signalling land legs being required once more. Thanks a million to CRK for moral support and the Screamer/Smiffo team making up PNA Catering Inc.

On-on to the next away jaunt in Richmond, God's Own County, no boat required.
Lady P

Lady P, in charge of Top Grub again

Kisses and FC try kidnapping

The superb Galley Slaves