The Count's Cycle Pub Crawl

Saturday 22 August 2015

From The Strathmore Arms, St Paul's Walden


Stage 1: The Brocket Arms

Jasper gave FC a fat lip at Stage 2

Thanks to Ringer's wonderful H5 Pub Search Engine we know the facts:

  • 17 October 2010
  • 5 December 1999
  • 29 January 2012
  • 4 October 2009

The last days we visited on official duty The Strathmore Arms in St Pauls Walden, The Brocket Arms in Ayot St Lawrence, The Bright Star in Peters Green and the Plough in Ley Green, respectively and respectfully.

On a glorious English Summer's Day, cycling 20 miles along lanes through beautiful, rolling Hertfordshire countryside and nothing busier than quiet hamlets, we put that right, having a pint in each.

We also:

  • Survived losing Capt F and Tarzan to the W thing.
  • Saw off the large, potentially intrusive but admirable "Kerry's Charity Bike Ride"
  • Marvelled as Bangers lungs easily coped with every hill we could throw at them (while Forking switched his electric motor on).
  • Witnessed the full glory of the Shagpile / Underlay tandem team in action.
  • Battled wasps all day, losing out only when Jasper hid in Fat Controller's beer and landed a bite to the lip.

But otherwise finished by and large unscathed. What could have been better?

With thanks for the moral support of Ringer and Kisses.
On On to another one next Summer


Fine views at Stage 3: The Plough

A bicycle made for two, Shagpile and Underlay