Run 1293

Sunday 27 December 2015

Motte and Bailey, Pirton

Hares: Nik Nak and Rapid Withdrawal


Why did the Forking cross the road? Because he needed stuffing or ....

Birthday Hat for Pussies Galore

Down-downs for Knobber and The Count

The Hares are being extra cunning this week. As well as finding the trail, they want you to find the Words as well.

They are hidden on this page, so "Check it out".

A damp start to the last trail of 2015 but with a choice of two pubs, Pirton proved to be a suitable venue for the 19 hashers who ventured out. Laying the trail on the day, Rapid suggested meeting at the pub for a 9am start, but failed to specify which pub, so the first 10 minutes passed with Nik Nak at the Fox and Rapid admiring the black squirrels outside the Motte and Bailey.

We’ve hashed from Pirton before and rather than yomp up the trail to Tingley Wood and beyond, Rapid and Nik Nak, being no stranger to a back passage or two (see Run 1199) set the trail linking the common by the church with the streets of Pirton before heading out to open space for the runners (?) to stretch their legs.

Submissive, recovering well from her broken ankle, demonstrated that drugs do addle the brain, whereby she stepped back in time calling the run as 1093. Maybe thinking of Private Parts in the Spring of 2012 displaying his Plume of Feathers was too much for her.

Lady P trail blazed for the first section before Double Entry took the lead, losing the Count along the way as he headed off on a falsie down towards the recreation park, 24 hours too late for the annual Pirton race (the only race I have run where there is a beer in the goody bag).

Looping through the aforementioned alleys, the pack, now rejoined by Count, mostly found its way, despite some confusion, splitting with one group following the trail and the other egged on by Nik Nak following no flour – although to be fair the co-hare may have been confused (she was still recovering from the excesses of the night before). Leaving the houses of Pirton behind, the trail continued towards Burge End and through a field of horses. At this point Shuffle headed back to the pub with his load and the pack continued to a Held check. Here the cunning plan was revealed: the Knitting Circle returning along the path back to the start and the runners being invited to follow a loop around the field. In the absence of runners, Hot Shot, Leroy, Knobber, Count and Ringer agreed to humour Rapid and joined him on a trot before rejoining the walking route and heading back.

We were joined at the pub for drinks by Spotted Dick and Custard returning the Dior Hashit (Would be nice if the Good Crack Award could be returned in the same way – you know who you are...we don’t !).

The circle followed with down downs to the Hares, Bangers, Forking, Knobber and the Count as well as a birthday tipple for Pussies. Leroy then entertained the circle with a little ditty before we all returned home to finish our leftovers and prepare for the Tempsford Trail on Sunday 3rd January at 12 Noon followed by the meal at 2pm.

Rapid and Nik Nak.

No run map this week but here's how Underlay did the Bling Run

... to end up with the Dior Hashit?

RA tries to remember where he left Alex

Leroy in fine Festive Voice