Run 1292

Sunday 20 December 2015

Wheatsheaf, Leighton Buzzard

Live Hare: Hot Shot


HM sees if Nik Nak measures up

The Landlord was flying the flag of Beds

Lady P and The Count, guilty in the Court of Forking

Well where can a live hare start. When I left the pub I was told that Leroy was in the car park and I could see Ringer and Blo felt so I took my chance and off I ran at a rate of knots putting down a lovely trail of flour for the pack to follow. As well as the normal checks and fishhooks as it's close to Christmas the hare put in a few sweet checks (what a nice hare I hear you say) anything to slow the pack down. Well it must have worked because I didn't see the pack once.

The route lead past the Crown public house round to the former site of St Andrews church and school, the Ram, the White Lion and the Nags Head (did someone say head) then down to the Stag (the more observant hashers may have seen the Ashwell arms on the way). At the Stag the pack may have decided to stop for a quick beer stop, who knows but the hare didn't see.

From the Stag the pack had a little sweet check and then ran up a little slope and then some of them ran back down again and then went up again and round the corner to see the Stag again.

From here the route took them through 2 footpaths where some will have noticed the hare had previously refilled his flour bottle and had a little spillage, on to the water meadows and a pleasant run along side the river. The path took them into the centre of the town where they crossed the bridge and went back along the river the other way about 200yds up the path. If the pack had of been a little quicker (unplanned beer stops can slow hashers down) they may have seen the hare standing around watching a group of ducks and a wren, but no the hare dashed off and back to the Wheatsheaf for a quick change and a sit down before Rapid and Chico got back and all before the pub opened (how embarrassing for a hare).

In the circle Count Pongo said the run was splendid and then the hash were reminded why their votes at the A.G.M. were so important, as with an absent team R.A. Forking stepped into the role once more, down downs were given out for who knows what.

On on to the next run.

See you soon


Nobody uploaded to Strava this week

Bangers, Nik Nak, Forking, bare armed in December

Chico was clearly framed

Whatever Atomic did, it was not forget her mug