Run 1290

Sunday 6 December 2015

The Plough, Ley Green

Hares: Atomic Titten and Bangers


Like a Red Forking to a Bull

Capt F and Forking, guilty of disrespectfulism

Depth Charge, guilty of goodygoodyism

A blustery but fine morning greeted the Hash at the rather tired looking Plough at Ley Green, but a most accommodating landlord made us welcome and allowed the Harriettes to make use of the facilities. Will this pub be open in another 12 months? Who knows, because this is a great piece of hashing countryside.

The limping Hare was joined by a limping Subby (good to see you back), and with Atomic in charge of the knitting circle the pack was informed of any hazards, and that there would be plenty of shiggy, number and held checks to help the slower Bangers keep in touch.

After a few false starts we headed out toward Parsonage Farm and on reaching the first number check both The Count and Shagpile whipped out their cards [as is their god given right .. ed] to avoid being sent back (who invented this rule I would like to know!!)

Crossing a very muddy field we made our way to Whitehall Farm and into the very picturesque Kings Walden Park, a great piece of Hertfordshire countryside. Lady P was a FRB at some point here and after crossing the drive of Kingswalden Bury House (great view here) we made our way over the field holding a few rare breed cattle who looked fearsome but in fact were quite docile.

Passing Tache Wood we encountered quite deep shiggy and more cattle, and the early FRBs Capt F and Rapid were reluctant to traverse it again and waited for the knitting circle to catch up. At Lane House there was a SC and the main pack spent some time finding the trail which meant going round the long way about the grass triangle road junction. Some nice little paths led towards Stopsley Holes farm where a tricky right behind a barn caught out Leroy and Catch It [or was that clap trap ... ed], and so onto the few houses of Ley Green, a little track past the garden football pitch and the very short On Inn (I like short On Inns).

A few locals were soon joined by a rowdy crowd of hashers who were made most welcome, and were allowed to sample cake by Clap Trap [or was that catshit ... ed] and sausage by Bangers. The down-downs were awarded for various isms and as usual Forking was drinking. Pongo gave his approval to the run, Blow Felt collected the money, and a good time was had by all !!

On On to Posh Nosh. See you there.

How Rapid did 1290

Leroy treats Wet Wipe's fear of sheep

Hash Mattress warms to her new task

Lady Pee, guilty of competitivism