Run 1289

Sunday 29 November 2015

The Green Man, Eversholt

Hares: Hotshot and Underlay


The trail was guarded by cattle ...

... guarded by horses ...

... and guarded by a man in a silly hat with a large mutt

The Hashapotamus Song
(tune: Hippopotamus Song by Flanders and Swan)

A bold group of Hashers were standing one day
In the shade of the Green Man
They looked at their boots as the hares did declare
By the feel of the gusting wind
Away on the hilltops and swamp land
Their hashapotami trail laid
The hashapotamus was no trepidimus
Only a short promenade

Mud, mud, glorious mud
Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood
So follow oh follow, down to the hollow
And there let all wallow in glorious mud

The fair hashers they aimed to entice
From the trail to the falsies around
As they hadn't the RA to give them advice
Came tiptoeing down to the trail
Like thunder the woods re-echoed the sound
Of the song of On On when they met
Hares in a morata adjusting their marker
And lifted their voices to call back

Mud, mud, glorious mud ...[chorus]

Now more hashers began to catch up
On the trail of the mud so deep
Hares wondered what to say of the scene
That ensued by their side
Hashers slid all at once with an ear splitting sposh
Then rose from the ground again
A regular group of hashers
All shouting this haunting refrain

Mud, mud, glorious mud...[chorus]

The hashapotamus whose hash call we know
Is now hurried with further to go
Shouts raised of On Inn as hares watch them go
And long for that beer to come!
They run no more on the mud of Eversholt
Which Harerazor is planning for spring
With hashapotomi in hashen clobber
No more will these hares lead on

Mud, mud, glorious mud...[chorus]

Back at the circle down downs were awarded to the hares, Shufflecock and Frau for their anniversary, CRK and Clap Trap for their ballet on the trail, Nik Nak, Captn F and others for various misdemeanors now forgotten.

On On to Ley Green
Underlay and Hot Shot

How The HM did 1289

The Count: happy, dry and warm in a pig sty

Nik Nak and Leroy having another quick one

The WI Happy Family of the Week snap, cake supplied by Lady P