Run 1287

Sunday 15 November 2015

The Crown, Flitwick

Hares: Blow Felt and Clap Trap


Thanks Hare, we'd never have guessed

Apres RA has a good turn out of tankards

Leroy takes aim and ...

It wasn't Abigale that blew the branches off, the night before run 1287, it was an unnamed (out of condition?) puffer who came in just before Barney. It didn't matter though, because HM put it all down to Blow Felt, when we circled up in the car park of the Crown. No birthdays or anniversaries were disclosed (but, see later), so the Hares were invited to comment on the run. They "honestly" described it as still, sunny, short and scenic but lacking any trace of shiggy.

Leaving the pub, the trail followed Station Road, turned right into Greenfield Road and, after passing the old Mill, went off-road into Flitwick Moor, avoiding the SSI but closely following the river Flit, towards the village of Flitton. Short-cutters could avail themselves of an early opportunity but those of an athletic disposition pressed on towards the village over ploughed fields and past horses, fields of sheep and other rural accessories. After passing quickly through the village (sadly avoiding the White Hart Free House last run as long ago as 2007, by Pussies Galore & White Rabbit) the trail entered Flitton Moor and headed back towards Flitwick on the other side of the river.

Was it all over? – I hear you ask – the answer, as it turned out was No! The trail took a sudden right hander to head off alongside the hedge and then via a Lime-tree avenue to Ruxox Farm. This was once a moated retirement home for former, or should I say prior Priors from the Dunstable Priory (first recorded in 1189). From there the trail hooked back to the main road to cross to, and briefly enjoy, the John Bunyan Trail, before returning by means of the foothpath passing de-signed Pussies Pond and through the industrial estate to join the Maulden road where it enjoys the safety feature of a sidewalk. Keen-sighted runners (but not Double Entry) would have noted the On-Inn and progressed on-in a southerly direction to the Crown.

In the circle Double Entry belatedly admitted being a year older and was appropriately rewarded for her survival. Leroy as stand in RA, rewarded Golden Globes and Pussies for the longest short-cut of the run. While Shagpile (as actual but incapacitated RA) warned all present of a dire outcome should a runner's tankard be left in the car boot rather than gracing the circle, threatening three strikes and you're outed, or some such.

On on to The Victoria Arms, Wilden! [those from Dunstable are asked to travel together, in perfect harmony]

Blow Felt and Clap Trap

How The HM did 1287

DE Birthday snap - doesn't look a day older

Bangers, done for swiftism

... bags a brace of sinners