Run 1286

Sunday 8 November 2015

The Globe Inn, Leighton Buzzard

Hares: Hot Shot and Leroy


Log or crocodile, Captain?

Uphill in Linslade Woods

Underlay gets surprise annual appraisal

In 966AD King Edgar granted Linslade to his sister-in-law Elgiva, Elgiva had been the wife of his brother the late King Edwy.

And so it was that the hash found itself in queen's own country at the Globe. The hares gave a brief to the circle and the pack were off. Ringer found the first false trail and then the cry went up of "It's bound to be this way, they won't send us up the hill".

At this point the hare would like to point out it is often best to listen to one's elders – Pongo had spotted a check near the base of the hill and was trying to tell the pack that you can't go back, it's against the rules. Naturally the pack paid no attention and went down a false trail. Forking did the honourable thing and held back and then in true FRB style was first to run up the hill and also first to run down muttering something in French.

Then on to Linslade Woods, some of the pack may have noticed the site of a long forgotten prison from the second world war, but only if they had gone the wrong way. As we came out the woods Fat Controller got quite excited as a train went past apparently carrying virgins.

On to the canal and the narrowest footpath this hare has seen in a long time. The path led to a check with an empty bottle of wine. Fat Controller asked if this was the beer stop. If it was someone had already been there and drunk it dry, as the path led to a graveyard there didn't seem to be anyone to ask.

On we went to Firs Path where all but a few foolhardy FRBs took a short cut back to the pub.

For who carried on, views of the Leighton lock and bridge on to the water meadows were provided, but at the pub the hares were given down downs for the route and one more for supposedly lying to the hash about a few minor things. What ever happened to the rule of never trust a hare?

On On
Leroy and Hot Shot

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