Run 1283

Sunday 18 October 2015

The Woolpack, Shefford

Hares: Capt F and Knobber


New RA sets fine example ...

Seb not the first to sleep through a run?

Mystery of Leroy's Birthday Hat solved

This week, the Hash met at The Woolpack, it having reopened recently after a couple of years. In truly disorganised style, the Hares Cap'n F and Knobber eventually organised the run only hours before, neither having cleared the run with the pub, or even thought about the trail, despite it being booked several weeks in advance. The disorganisation was complete when the Hares discovered that the earlier quiet car park across the road, which would have easily accommodated the Hash chariots, became crammed with cars parked during the various football matches on the adjacent pitches. It was also at this point that Knobber realised he had forgotten his phone, and Cap'n F discovered that he had picked up WWW's running shoes instead of his own. Luckily Tarzan was on hand to bring the real ones before the run, and while the Hares took an invigorating but strange herbal tea by way of recovery between laying the trail and running it.

Being a disorganised run, it didn't start at the pub and also began with a check. Eventually, the Pack found its way towards Shefford before taking the path beside the River Ivel and then over the bridge to return to the High Street on the other side of town, and a held check. Double Entry was adamant that the trail resumed down the path on the far side of the river, and, as usual, was correct, and the Pack filed along it, CRK in FRB mode. On to a bar at the turning into Shefford Hardwicke, which Subby checked out until Knobber took pity and called her back as it was a false trail.

Predictably, the real trail went uphill, where the Hares had earlier found an abandoned THFC bottle. Understandably, someone didn't want to be seen with it, but the Hares admired the appropriateness of leaving Spurs related stuff on Cockshoot Hill. The hill inevitably spread the pack out, so the Hares had laid numbers down to regroup runners, only to find an abundance of Hashers claiming exemption. Therefore, the new "EXC" marking was founded, just to send the shirkers to the back. Shagpile didn't like it but eventually conformed.

At the top of the hill we happened across some dog walkers who wondered what we were doing, but Leroy scared them off with his horn. On to the view check, where Splashy was one of the first to arrive, then down the hill and round an unnecessary but cheeky little loop to bring the Pack out at the church where there was a short cut back to the pub for those who wanted to avoid the bit on the busy road.

... but a bridge too far for New GM?

Rudi seeks those trying to sit through a run?

Smart 100 Run Award for Edwina 123

Once off the road, the trail went along to the Millenium Green and back up onto the road to Shefford, where the On Inn directed the Pack back to the pub.

As the Hares had also not thought about where the circle would function outside, it was held indoors. New RA Shagpile had dug some mouldy old beakers out of FDC's kit and served down-downs to the Hares for the run, and then again for their 62nd Wedding Anniversary, which Tarzan was there for, but declined on account of the mouldy unwashed for years beakers. The Hares received a further down-down each: can't remember why Cap'n F and Knobber for Smuggism, but CRK protested on the basis that the photos were getting boring. Edwina 123 received his 100 run award and there must have been a couple of others but memory fails. There was a debate about Leroy's birthday, outcome unknown.

Thanks to The Woolpack and regulars for putting up with the Circle and also for the excellent beers from Tring Brewery. Cap'n F decided he wanted a pint of Death or Glory and had one, but then thought better of it, although he did eventually finish it and walked home. Knobber enjoyed a few pints of Squadron Scramble while waiting for Scooper to pick him up, but Scooper couldn't make contact as Knobber had forgotten his phone. Happy Days.

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Knobber and Cap'n F

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