Run 1282

Sunday 11 October 2015

The Cricketers, Redbourn

Hare: Bangers


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"What RA? Me drink beer?"


The day dawned bright and clear with the wicket true and firm. The assembled team was greeted by captain Bangers who informed them that his vice-captain Forking was absent (retired hurt) and a third man was not available – he may have had a square leg but there was no point in delaying the start of play. Led by the suitably-clothed Ringer, resplendent in white we bowled along the many paths of the common before Double Entry called the mid on-on towards the Nickey Line check. Here Underlay bounced along to the left but was long off the correct way, so we made out way to, and over the busy B487, with send backs of 4s and 6s. A long falsie towards the M1 led many astray before the trail led to Flowers Farm. Peachers Tit commented that it was a chance to see the knitting circle as FRBs. The track south saw Milly Speed and Jack enjoying the mini lakes and care was taken not to slip in the mire. Passing pheasant cover we assembled at the fielders edge before passing carefully bye Dane End Farm (it was requested by the farmer, and we could have been on a sticky wicket if we didn't). We passed the farm boundary to arrive at Beaumont Hall Lane. Here Capt F [Leroy I think it was: Dep Scribe] advised Nik-Nak to keep her legs apart coming down a steep slope so that we didn't have a maiden slip over into the gully. Capt F declared that the helmet was introduced to cricket 100 years after the 'box'. That shows you the male priority! What a silly point! We crossed ploughed fields back towards Redbourn with Leroy's horn ringing in our ears and the pack following on. A long falsie stumped Submissive whose comments would have needed an umpire to decide 'out' or 'in'. By now we were slowly bowling along to cross back onto the Nickey Line with a googlie of false trails before spinning through the estate on the old factory site, and back to the common not long off the hour mark. The innings closed at 12:10 and the team retired to The Cricketers. Tea cakes and sandwiches were not on the menu so we had to revert to beer and crisps! Shufflecock was dragged along by Rudi to give various down-downs, a good time was had by all, and fielders, bowlers and batsmen went home to their far pavilions.

Bangers 81 not out

How Underlay bowled round 1282

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Hashit Poser #2

Clap Trap negotiates ransom to release Nik-Nak's chariot