Run 1281

Sunday 4 October 2015

The Bald Buzzard Ale House
Leighton Buzzard

Hare: Leroy


Birthday Hat for Clap Trap

Blow Felt and Rudi learn the down-down art from the master ...

Alex pleased with the beer at The Buzzard

I set the trail at 07-30 that morning, an it only took three hours to lay, which wont bad as I had cancelled my co-hair because I felt so rotten on the Saturday that I jus went to bed! So bein a 'true blu hasher' he went to The Buzzard an sampled all the beers several times over (jus to be doubly sure you understand!) so the hair (me) would suffer no embarrassment about duff ale an trailin from a pub that is closed on Sundays! Nex day, bein a 'true blu' he had sent me a 'tosh text' sayin he could not hash that day, but his missus Mini Mo, also sent me a text, explaining Hot Shot's predicament; he was still pi**ed from last night an couldn't get out of bed!

After the customary explanation from the Hair (me) about the fantastic views of the local countryside with the latest 'Diddy Encampment' and the spectacularly good Ales that awaited the enthusiastic pack (whom were by now chomping at the bit to get off and therefore back) we set off at a 'Blistering Pace' that is to say 'Blisteringly SLOW!'

Unusually for Blowf an Rapid, they started at the back an staunchly stayed there, without complaint. Nik Nak in typical style, arrived late and in the wrong car park but soldiered on! Ringer immediately made a bee line for the 'Fire Station' to enlist help from the hoses to cool the pack down, whilst Double 'E' scorched to the first check, and was halfway round the trail before she twigged she was on her own and so had a little knap whilst the rest of the pack 'Regrouped' an charged (Very Slowly) after her! By this time Play Away had tried every conceivable 'False' and eventually lost the pack completely he did the only thing possible in that situation, Bee-lined back, an sunk a few! Meanwhile Captain was not to be fooled by a 'cunning ploy' from Sir Withanhoe Forbes Exemption but as an FRB, forged on, in true blu fashon, and completed the loop.

At this point Frau and Splashy, managed to control (with superb driving skill) a major blowout on the buggy rear wheel and so had to wait for the AA patrol or Shuffle, which-ever came first! Lady P by this stage was deeply engrossed in a Hash politics conversation an went straight back to the 'on inn! Nobody was keen on visiting Sperm Whale for some reason, so we charged on (Oh so slowly) till eventually the remaining six of us including Be Be, Catch It and C.T. reached the On Inn!

The Ale was Superb, as expected, as was Phil and Ali's hospitality, but I'm assured they like you lot and especially your custom. Bangers was waiting at the pub, in somewhat sombre mood, but understandably so with the loss of little Madge to cope with, she will be Sorely Missed by all H5.

On On Leroy

How Rapid did 1281

Blow Felt glad to see a number

... while Ringer is a tad more conventional

Our Hostess Ali joins us for a beer