Run 1280

Sunday 27 September 2015

The Wilpack, Woolstead

Hares: Blow Felt and Knobber


Demonstration of a classic Held Check

Birthday for Underlay, Anniversary for Shagpile

Underlay with 600 Run Awards

The sun shone as the Hash gathered at The Woolpack and the Hares were presented with their Hare shirts, which were worn on top of their existing tops, thus creating a base-layer situation as Lady P had, but not Underlay.

Having parked the issue of undergarments, the pack set off to the first check, some 10 yards away by the pre-owned vehicle reallocation centre. The most tedious false trail was checked out, whilst the nice falsie out to the church was ignored, but soon the pack was en-route to the common and the prospect of Wilstead Wood. The pack happened across an ex-hasher of Taiwan, who picked up our web address and hopefully we will see soon.

Anyway, with the gap between the front and back of the pack widening, the held check towards Chapel End and the blackberry bushes around it amused the FRBs while the knitting circle made their way. Personally, I'm not a fan of the blackberry, mainly because of the horrid red stains and the pips getting stuck between teeth. You simply don't get that with an iPhone.

With Leroy's attempt to entice Double Entry through a kissing gate foiled, the pack explored the false trails, only to find that the real trail lay beyond the gate were Leroy's progress had previously been curtailed.

The pack reached Cotton End Road, and crossed to a path leading into the fields, with the FRBs Underlay, Cap'n F, Depth Charge and Subby all being returned to the back of the pack. Once gathered at a check inviting falsies to be explored, the pack headed straight across along the trails between the fields and a massive ditch. Whilst the aforementioned FRBs, and CRK, Hot Shot and Leroy took the long way round, there was also a shortcut leading down to Duck End Farm and the On-Inn.

Back at the pub, there were some decent ales and in the circle, down-downs went to the Hares, Cap'n F took a down-down for referring to Underlay by her street name, and Underlay herself was brought in for having a birthday, then an anniversary (with Shagpile) and then to receive her 600 run award, a hat. As that was considered too lightweight an award, she was detained further to receive a bottle of bubbly, having a specially printed label and lots of packaging, namely a box and air filled cushioning for transit.

Count with an O

Gorjoyce joins the Exempt Elite

Blow Felt with 4 layers

Blow Felt was then called in to receive his 100 run award, topically a rugby shirt, which he put on over the other four layers that he was wearing. Ringer was chastised for a Blackberry related incident, and Gorjoyce was given her exemption certificate, complete with H5 neck dangler. As all behind her had taken shelter, she sort of pirouetted with her down down, soaking the table and Underlay's box.

Finally, and in true Forking style, RA Shufflecock awarded himself the final half on behalf of his dog, which, if not for the timely intervention of Twiczer would have eaten more than just two (one mouthful) of Lady P's buttered scones.

Post circle, Subby perfected her Twerking and Leroy explained his sock recycling system and how he kept them to "polish the Volvo". Despite achieving 100 runs with H5, he remained in denial of any award, particularly one having a collar.

All in all, a good run, nice pub, decent weather and a great way to while away a Sunday morning.


Blow Felt and Knobber

How the Birthday/ Anniversary/ 600 Run Girl did 1280