Run 1279

Sunday 20 September 2015

The Raven, Hexton

Hare: Fat Controller


Don't be fooled by the level ground at the start...

Rapid beaten into 3rd place

FDC awards himself two harriettes
(AND a beer)

In the 'Circle' Grace wondered why we couldn't sing a 'harvest song' – so here goes!

We plan our trails and scatter the good flour on the land
For it is bought and scattered by the Hare's all guiding hand
It leads us on to false trails and long back checks we can't stand
Through shiggy deep and sloppy; thus runs our merry band

All good things around us are borne from heaven above
So, thank the Hare? (Nah!)
Let's 'F' the Hare!
For all his/her 'love'

Hares they volunteer weekly, to set their devious trails
With hares and harriettes competing; our hashing never fails
But then young Grace's sweet voice – uttered load and clear
"I'd like to set a trail with you!" A 'leveret-te' has appeared!

Chorus: (repeat)

'New Boots' come quite rarely, but pink ones? My, Oh My!
Then complaints, they came aplenty, to his poor father, dear.
The RA noted each quickly; as they rent the air
And then told us of the number from our lofty stance

Chorus: (repeat)

With laughs, we roared out loudly as each one was read out
Until Ringer, circumspect: gave a mighty shout
"Happy Feet, should be his hashing name! It goes without a doubt."
In harmony, we all agreed, and then all fell about

Chorus: (repeat)

Thus comes the end to this harvest song of Hexton's hash domain
With Down – Downs sank to many a prank, to the 'hash' we true remain
The GM then stepped forward, his tears they fell like rain
He told us all his reign must end, but our h5 hash must stay the same.

Chorus: (repeat)

ON – ON! (To infirmity and beyond) Fat Controller

Adults please note: Explain to your children that the 'F' in the chorus means 'follow'.

How Rapid did 1279

...Telegraph Hill always beckoned

Oliver will now be known as Happy Feet

Good to see White Rabbit checking in