Run 1277

Sunday 6 September 2015

The Bald Buzzard Ale House,
Leighton Buzzard

Hare: Hot Shot


Hare Shirt for Hot Shot

A circle within the circle

Anniversary for Pussies and Blow Felt

Well Saturday afternoon was a time for decorating but as the paint dried I decided to put down the paint brush and pick up the flour blobber (how brave I thought). On the trail I saw all the typical views that the towns of Leighton Buzzard and Linslade could offer, the drunks in the park (sadly not there on the day of the hash), a Witches broom, a giant pencil and the childhood home of Mary Norton, all things I felt me fellow hashers would enjoy being cultured as they are. At this I thought shall I put a check in? No need as Leroy showed us on the day leading half the pack down a false trail I hadn't even laid (he even crossed a busy road at great personal risk to do so).

The trail then led to the Grand Union Canal where once again Leroy didn't disappoint the hare by running up the false trail and calling out it's bound to be this way.
It wasn't.
On the canal and Rapid took on Leroy's mantle and took the next falsie running straight past a bush in which the day before it wasn't just the flour being laid (the hare was shocked). As I told you, cultured area this.

On on and Leroy once again won back his mantle. On to a main road and comments were being made about Capt. F and Leroy using mobile technology on the hash (RA take note).

And then on to the waterside park where no one followed Leroy.....Why?
When he went the right way!
Back over the canal and Leroy was back to normal.

Once back in the Bald Buzzard down downs were given to the hare and to Double Entry who wasn't there. Well done Forking but not to Leroy or Capt. F with their tech or to anyone sporting a haircut to match the pub.

Landlord and Landlady Phil & Alison did a sterling job opening on a Sunday (their day of rest) just for the hash but also Alison laid on lots of food at no cost to the hash.


Well it would be rude not to!

The morals of this week's hash are.......

Always wear protection when going in the bushes
When Leroy says come on it's bound to be this way don't trust him.

How Rapid Withdrawal did 1277

Held Check on the tow path

Landlady Ali joined us for this one

No down-down just a beer for newbee Toby