Run 1276

Monday 31 August 2015

Rowney Warren Woods

Hares: Shagpile & Underlay


Which of these late-comers needed more haste less SPEED?

"You'll find us easily. We're under the trees"

Pongo delivers popular verdict

Twas always going to be a bit damp at the edges, but the run turned out not to be too overly saturated. At the time of laying, the hares, Underlay and Shagpile, endured a wettish hour or so and were concerned all traces of dust (white and crimson) would be washed away, and also, would anyone turn up to run it?

As it happened, a stalwart bunch of hashers appeared and it was On Out into the sopping forest, with Rapid Withdrawal and Ringer leading the way under the dripping trees. Lost Cause was busy taking telephone instructions from Submissive and Preacher's Tit who were busy committing offences against The Road Traffic Act 1988 i.e Exceeding the Statutory Speed Limit on a Public Road, which luckily for them is not yet a hanging offence. It did make them late for the run though, but again Lost Cause passed instructions as to where we were – 'Under the trees'!

The Goddess Adrasteia and her acolytes (AKA Skidmark and daughters) were there to perpetuate their quest of Torment and Ridicule to the GM, but fortunately slick footwork by said GM meant that only the occasional insult was heard on the gentle breeze. Double Entry found herself as minder to Grace, and performed the duty rather too well, as she was still with her at the end of the run.

It was a short run (35 mins) due to the wrongly anticipated lack of interest, and the planned BBQ had been unplanned. However, Pongo and Bangers had bought left-overs from their own soggy event the previous day. These did an admirable job emulating the Five Loaves and Two Fishes so everyone seemed satisfied with the catering.

Down-Downs were awarded to the hares for producing a brief but splendid run. The Chief Assistant to the Assistant Chief RA, Shufflecock, struggled to find any misdemeanours to punish, but did single out Nik-Nak, Subby and PT for tardiness. Calls to the assembled circle to nominate 'violators' only resulted in Shufflecock being awarded a DD for having an unruly dog.

On On
Shagpile & Underlay

The BBQ that never was

It's all in the preparation

Anything you want to tell us DE?

As much in the down as the up