Run 1274

Monday 17 August 2015

White Horse, Eaton Socon

Hares: Atomic Titten and Karmen Suits Ja


Eva was almost as confused as we were

Down-down for Lost Cause ...

... and for Peacher's Tit ...

Not the usual fun words (we are German after all and that's no laughing matter)... Sorry for not doing any better but I could not remember anything else and being in the back, have no clue what went on in front. If you could make it nicer that would be great, but I guess that's not allowed xxx

Long journeys and holidays probably contributed to this being a small group of 12 hashers including a Newbee, plus two ankle biters [don't give oscar and milly ideas .. ed]: Edwina arrived and left immediately. Don't you just hate superstitious hashers?

During Clap-Trap's absence Catch IT did the splendid job of collecting all the money before we set off through some leafy residential areas and finally got to the grassy Pightle [read A History of the Eaton Socon Pightle – Dep Ed]. People obviously did not try the false trail because we forgot once again to put a circle. Anyway, once through walking/running alongside the Great Ouse some runners went up the Willow Bridge but had to turn around.

Soon, everybody was quite puzzled because the marking was not clear and I had forgotten to mention when feeling like déjà vu, just turn left. Anyway, route found alongside a small brook where another three runners found that they had to run back. We crossed through another residential area across a playing field and soon, after an uneventful hash, we saw the On Inn and could all have our drinks. There has been another occasion where we crossed the original run (déjà vu again), and therefore the Count pointed out that is "was not very Teutonic, looking all a bit disorganised", and very true it was. Our Newbee, Eva was introduced by Karmen Suit Ja as "an alcoholic" but what Carmen actually said was "our colleague".

Lost Cause got a down down because he was the brightest on the hash, meaning his brightly coloured jacket. Peachers Tit had to get a down down for wearing a raincoat in spite of no rain forecast. Captain F was going to award Bangers a down down because he travelled over 25 miles (probably over 35) but, unfortunately, Atomic insisted to get it instead because she had walked to the hash. Sorry Bangers, Atomic will get you a pint next time!!! As that was the last drink, I think Blow Felt got a down down for standing in for Pongo. Bangers should have had two down downs for constantly having to shout after Millie, seems she was a bit naughty on this run.

However, most importantly, Atomic got her Hare T-shirt so that she can lay loads more trails ...

On on to Five Bells in Cople
Karmen Suit Ja and Atomic Titten

Hare Shirt for Atomic

... and for Bangers ...

... and even for Blow Felt