Run 1272

Monday 3 August 2015

Knife and Cleaver, Houghton Conquest

Hares: Forking Dickchair and Gorjoyce


Milly enjoys a chat with Rainbow ..

Some Rapidly aged during the held checks

Jubilations for GG, Cillat Bang for PP


The hash circled up for the first time ever at the Knife and Cleaver. Not to be late Nik Nak arrived in good time to park her little car beside the F type Jag, Rolls Royce and the Zodiac.

From within the circle GM Shagpile said 'Step inside, love' to the two birthday girls.
'Hello number one, whats your name and where do you come from?'
'I'm Gorjoyce and I'm one year off a big birthday.'
The GM made conversation with, 'whats your name number two and where are you from?'
Catch-it hardly got her first words out than Lady Pee sprung forth proclaiming 'Surprise surprise, here's a couple of birthday hats for you both to wear'
'Whats it all about, Forking?' despaired the GM.
The hare responded, 'There's a lorra lorra hills and number checks laid in white, not black.'

Off the pack set towards the woods. The dithering hares stirred Blow Felt to say 'Something tells me something's gonna happen tonight.' Depth Charge, Underlay and The Count accillarated up the hill only to repeatedly return from number checks with looks like they been dumped after a blind date.

Anyone who had a heart would have offered congratulations and jubilations to Golden Globes on her efforts to keep Rapid in order. There was a view check where Private Parts spoke fondly of his nipper at home, young Sebastian. 'You're my world, but ooh you are a mucky kid'. Dont worry Happy Snaps, I have heard Cillat Bang can help clear most things up.

At the pub a laminated sheet of Cillagrams was handed out for everyone to sing. A live performance at the Cavern Club will be a long way off after tonight's efforts. Bangers picked up on some errors that the typist missed on the proof read. Hash baker then provided a pot of scouse that tasted like cakes.
Here's a recap from our Graham, a.k.a. Ringer.
Next weeks run is from a pub that might not have a red head, but certainly has a White Heart.
Ta ra chuck,

How Depth Charge did 1272

... but avoids 4-legged friend Nik Nak

Bangers comes down the Hill of Difficulty

No. 1 and No. 2: not the chosen ones